PSP Go Special: Going Premium

Since Microsoft's Project Natal or Sony's new PSEye motion wand weren't on the E3 show floor, the only new hardware I got to play with at E3 was the PSP Go. I got some hands-on time with the device on both the show floor and behind closed doors. In fact, I probably spent too much time playing the PSP Go and trying out the new PSP software line-up for 2009. I tried out everything from Persona to SoulCalibur: Broken Destiny. So, because I had so much time with the device I thought I'd share some impressions of the Go. I also thought that I would tackle the latest PSP Go news and address several issues people seem to have with the device itself. Who would have thought such a little gadget would be so controversial.

- So How Does It Feel?
I spent a lot of time laying out the basics of this system in Issue #106, so I'll just get straight to my hands-on impressions of the device. I got to check out the black PSP Go on the show floor. I couldn't get a sense of its weight because it was mounted to a stand, but it goes without saying that this thing is small. It is about the size of an iPhone when closed and about as thick as the current PSP. The buttons felt really good, especially the analog nub. When I first saw pictures of the PSP Go, I thought the nub was in an awkward position, but I actually found it more comfortable to use than the PSP-2000's analog nub. My hand had more room to rest on the Go, and the nub itself felt tighter and more responsive. Some people were wondering about the shoulder buttons. They where actually pretty easy to reach and were easier to click than the large plastic buttons of previous PSP models. Overall, I was impressed and the black color looks good.

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zootang3411d ago

it's controversial because propaganda would make you believe so. Just compare the price to an Iphone and wow what a bargain! it has skype so you can use it as a phone

ChrisGTR13411d ago

actually... i bought an iphone 3g on craigslist in nearly perfect conditions like a month ago for 300$

SoapShoes3411d ago

That's not fair, because you're comparing a used item to a new one. Just wait and you'll be able to find cheap gos on craigslist as well..

ThanatosDMC3411d ago

Well, i finally got my answer about the shoulder buttons.

NOOBKILLA3411d ago (Edited 3411d ago )

I think the PSP Go is pretty cool. I was at E3 is as well and was able to check out GT and Little Big Planet on it. It felt pretty good in my hands. I attached a few pictures. People are worried about the size. For everybody's information I am 6'6" with a size 17 shoe so you can imagine my hands a big. I didn't have a problem at all playing it.

zeph943411d ago (Edited 3411d ago )

The more I look at this thing....the more I want it. My big problem with my current PSP is that I cant carry it around with me cause it's giant but if this really is the size of the Iphone...I may get it.

keysy4203411d ago

Their is so many reason why i want the psp go
I have a psp 3000 and i'm playing monster hunter to death ( go get it tight game )
psp is too big Itake it with me and I leave it in the car. cant put it anywhere; my pockets but nothing else can go in that pocket.

music ipod
the fact that i can play music and use my blu tooth sold me.
then switch to games
then switch to movie
then use the internet
play with my friends via blu tooth
the psp go seems like what the future psp2 will be
which wont come till right before ps4 in like 2011 2012.

no umds
oh man if one pocket is full with the psp the other is umd's
that's three pockets full including wallet. lol
the position of the controls.
game over im getting it
actually im selling my xbox to cut my cost

Their are way more games coming to the psp than their are coming to xbox assassin creed psp, if it has any connection to ps3 assassin creed. what!!!! that would be crazy

I dont want to diss the 360 they have two games i want to play splinter cell and shadow complex. but shadow complex is gonna take me about 2 to 4 hours to beat ( dont care about achievement points.) splinter cell has no replay value= game over sell system.
I don't want to play any dlc that could have came with the game but didn't. because of system limitations (gears map packs passed off as something big and new).Nor do i want to pay for over price dlc (cough halo odst cough). NOr do i want to play with motion controls that make me get off the couch and hold nothing. Did you hear me right sony has rights to scanning images into the game which means you have to hold nothing. I could talk about foza but those guys embarrased themselves when they were talking about how great their game was. and GT showed trailer that made them sound foolish, not only that they didnt even show the game they just showed it on psp with 800 cars. To me, trading cars between your psp, ps3, and you buddies sounds way better than 400 cars on a full system.

Their's more the true mgs coming to psp go!( and psp)

This line up can make a new system.
And their's more games

MetalGearBear 3411d ago

holy crap!!!!!
too information!!!!!
i got headache!!!!

paper3411d ago

The price will come down on the day of release.

They (Sony) can't say that they will release a new PSP on Oct 1st for a cheaper price, then no one would buy the current model. The current model, which does the same, except slide, still has to sell and 'now' it looks like a great bargain.

But if Sony do decide to release the Go at this high price then there is no way in hell that I'm buying one, at least not for a year or two.

Good luck fukers.

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