Systemlink: Red Faction Guerilla Review

Matt Brooker at Systemlink writes: "Red Faction Guerrilla for the Xbox 360 is an third-person open-world action game developed by Volition, Inc. and published by THQ. You'll assume the role of freelance miner Alec Mason, a newcomer to Mars, who's made the trip in hopes of mining for red planet coinage with his brother Dan. Things immediately go awry when Dan is mercilessly killed in a "misunderstanding" with the Earth Defense Force. The EDF, a group originally assigned to terraform and occupy Mars, has overstayed their welcome causing Martian colonists to take up arms. Alec learns of his brother's association with the resistance and is considered guilty by association. Having no choice but to join the organized rebel force called "Red Faction", Alec begins his journey to avenge his brother's death and fight for a free Mars."

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