Uncharted 2: Exclusive Multiplayer Camera Tool Gameplay HD

Create cinematic genius of your own with Uncharted 2's brand new camera tool for multiplayer mode.

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BBCnewsrocks3387d ago

Although I haven't played halo 3, apparently it has something similar to this. Anyone know how this'll compare?

Christopher3387d ago

I didn't know Halo 3 had this, but I'm very impressed with the ability to move the camera so much. Bravo for Halo 3 having this and Uncharted 2 picking it up if it does. Very neat feature.

rbluetank3387d ago

i hope it can be used to keep cheaters in line...and show us how to be better players...

ToastyMcNibbles3387d ago

its pretty similar all around...i dont know any little details at all about halo 3's cinema mode...i only know from what i have seen and its pretty much the same minus the fact that in halo 3 you have to pay for a bungie pro account or whatever its called in order to upload your videos on bungie's uncharted 2 you can just upload them on naughty dog's site for free and even download other people's videos right onto your ps3

Lord_Ranos3387d ago

Machimina is interested in this feature.

ptotoy3387d ago

elena has an unlockable skirt, right?