Phil Harrison Answers Slashdotters' Questions

Right around this time last month, Slashdot asked its users for questions to pass on to President of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios Phil Harrison. With the launch of the PlayStation 3 console in Europe, Mr. Harrison has had kind of a full month. He still found Slashdot the time to answer their questions, which can be read today. Below are his very thorough responses to the questions posed, ranging in subject from the European delay to the public perception of SCEA. Make sure to give them a look, and many thanks again to Mr. Harrison for his time.

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Oncnawan4291d ago (Edited 4291d ago )

"Phil Harrison: Wikipedia is great, but as you probably know, my bio was not written by me, so I'd not trust it completely..."

Is it sad that I would trust it even less if it were?

[Edit] Case in point:
"6.) 'Rumble' by SuperCharlie
How long will we have to wait until we see a first party controller with rumble?

Phil Harrison: As we've only recently resolved our legal differences with Immersion, it's a little early to answer this."

What ever happened to "rumble and motion sensing don't work together"?

LSDARBY4291d ago

It was pretty obviouse MS & Rumble can be done together. It was just an excuse from Sony.

Oncnawan4290d ago

We all knew that at the time. However, this one (accidental?) moment of candor was such a contrast to the remainder of the PR release (interview?) that I did a double take.

EZCheez4290d ago

Phil actually did an interview with a 1UP writer after the GDC about his "rumble is last gen" statement. His response was "what else was I supposed to say? We were in a legal battle."

Vojkan4290d ago

"it's a little early to answer this." Maybe it will work together maybe it wont

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XxZxX4290d ago

Guys in Slashdot seems to be very proffesional. Yeah most of them are proffesional.

What if N4G Gamers give an interview with Phil Harrison, it will go with something degrading like this.
1. "HHAHAHHAAA XBOX 360 outsold PS3 again, what you gonna do about that? HAHHAHAHAHA"

2. "Dude you suck, all you can do is lies lies lies? How do you expect us to trust you?"

3. "I totally in love with my PS3, How do I make love with it?"

4. "Okay screw the question, Sony made a lot of mistakes, this is my way for fixing the problem and my way is the only way, listen to me carefully or else Sony is screwed."

freeza4290d ago

there is no way in hell gamers asked these Questions

QuackPot4290d ago (Edited 4290d ago )

I've no doubt that the pure gaming console is dead, the future is the PC Console(aka Home Entertainment system with gaming, media center, internet and productivity).

I'd have really loved to know how far Sony was going to go with Linux and the PC Console future:

* will they preload Linux(better still, develop their own Linux distribution) so that you'd have a ready to go PC straight off...

* will they free up the GPU so 3D graphics can be utilized in Linux...

* will they turn GameOS in a full blown OS so that software companies and the open source community can port their products to Sony's PC Console - no need to dual boot?

With respect to the latter - I'm convinced that GameOS will become a full OS. If they demonstrate their normal vision, Sony's OS ps X will be based on Unix(like Apple's OS X) or Linux - powerful, stable, more secure. And hopefully, unlike with Apple, Sony's OS will be portable to PCs and Laptops and a multitude of handheld embedded devices.

Wow. What a future. Bye, bye Winblow$.

QuackPot4290d ago (Edited 4290d ago )

To all u fanboys/gamers who don't like change....this is the future whether you like it or not.

There's no sense in buying a separate PC AND console AND software for each. Tomfoolery!!!!

Just buy a single unit....the PC Console.

Your wallet will thank you for it $$$.

Robotz Rule4290d ago

Your wallet will more likely cry than thank you,due to the fact that it cost thousands to build a Good PC,and you can buy all three next-gen consoles for a little less $$$$$ than what a good PC is going to cost you.

QuackPot4290d ago (Edited 4290d ago )

Most PCs are used to access the internet, do some office work, play the odd music or video here and there, and the odd game as well - familiar things a certain console can do.

Serious Gamers, engineers, scientists, developers are a minority. They are examples of people who truly need a high spec PC. They are not the normal PC user.

The PC Console(eg. PS3) becomes a bargain for the normal PC user. Just buy one unit - not a PC AND console.

PC consoles last for at least five years and don't need any major upgrade$$$, as programs are written to use the full potential of the hardware available. Have you seen God of War 2 on PS2? Not bad for an ancient piece of Hardware that is still outselling the next-gen consoles. But unlike Ps2, Ps3 can now fully function as a PC with Linux easily installed. The future.

Get with the program and stop thinking in the dark ages. Most PC users don't need a high spec PC. In the same way, most people don't need Vi$ta (with h/w upgrade$) or the lastest version of M$ Office, as the earlier versions are more than able to do the job - let alone completely free open source software such as Linux and OpenOffice.

Only half-wits believe they should spend more money on something they already have - even worse, something they don't really need. Buy what you need, not want you want. Remember: Micro$oft's main income comes from its Operating System and Office suite. They also hold a virtual monopoly with its OS on the PC and are masters at marketing. So think about that. It doesn't take a genius to work out what's happening here!

But, hey, if you want to waste your money then go for it. I'll save my words of wisdom for the open-minded and well informed.