PSN Update My Trophies - Leaderboard already on iTrophies for iPhone

The announcement of My Trophies - Leaderboard on is something we all look forward to. But the iPhone app, iTrophies, already has it with the latest Firmware Update for the iPhone 3G.

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chrisnick3390d ago (Edited 3390d ago )

just trying to catch up to the dude on my friends list with 51 plats.

chrisnick3389d ago

Demonone13...its incredible.


You mean 15 plats.The most I have seen is 27.Is there even 51 games that support platinum trophies?

onanie3389d ago

That does make me wonder - do all games support platinum trophies?

I suspect not. There must be a quality assurance process that stops a cheap game from giving out easy platinums as its selling point.

KR1ST0F3R3389d ago

@ onanie

all i can say is terminator salvation.

jag_stilvecchio3389d ago

Disc based games submitted to Sony after 1/1/09 will have trophies and all of them will have 1 Platinum trophy. It's up to the dev to distribute the rest of the Gold, Silver & Bronze trophies. In the case of Terminator Salvation there are only Gold trophies (for completing each level on Hard mode) and 1 platinum for finishing the game. It's definitely different than most PS3 games.

And yeah, according to there are a lot of games with platinum trophies... 60+

Still 51 plat-trophies is insane.