3 Video Game Movies Hollywood Is Going to Eff Up

Asylum writes: "If there is one thing that video game nerds hate, it is sunlight. If there's a second thing video game nerds hate, it is movies based off their beloved games. Those movies suck. All of them. You know a movie genre is bad when arguably "Mortal Kombat" is the best it has to offer. Nevertheless, every month more and more video game licenses are being bought by Hollywood production companies to eventually become horrendous films for no one's enjoyment. The list is nearly endless of great games that they screwed up: "Tekken," "Castlevania," "God of War," "World of Warcraft," "Metal Gear Solid" and so on."

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Myst3413d ago

Hopefully Shadow won't be messed up, but...Could a game like Bioshock be produced successfully I keep hearing about all the choices and morality in it and to be honest a director that will have the capacity to understand philosophy itself as well as the philosophy of the game should make it. If that itself happens then it doesn't seem like it would be bad.

As for Prince of Persia I dunno, never played the game.

STONEY43412d ago (Edited 3412d ago )

Shadow of the Colossus is definitely going to be messed up. The working title is Colussus and the Hendersons, and the director is the guy who directed Street Fighter: Legend of Chun-Li. His movies are as bad as Uwe Bolles movies.

Elven63412d ago

Some of Uwe's work was tolerable, Chun Li was terrible!

BYE3412d ago

I'd rather have Uwe Boll directing colossus instead of the Chun Li director. If you think it couldn't get worse than Boll's movies, watch The Legend of Chun Li!

gintoki7773412d ago

well they pretty much summed up how the shadow of the collosus movie is going to be.

watch in the god of war movie vin diesel or the rock is gonna be kratos 0.0

ObviousTruth3412d ago

what movies doesn't hollywood 'eff' up?

YogiBear3412d ago

How bout these...

The Godfather
The Matrix(original)
Back To The Future
The Terminator
Dawn of The Dead

just off the top of my head

Cheeseknight283412d ago

Have a bub for citing Back to the Future.

ObviousTruth3412d ago (Edited 3412d ago )

i'll definitely give you some of those. but jaws? come on now... i know that was an exciting movie when you were a kid...but have you seen it recently? it's a really lousy film. though it's hilarious with the rifftrax.

on the other hand, it's a masterpiece when compared to spider-man. even more hilarious with the rifftrax.

and if you don't know what rifftrax's the time to find out.

EDIT: and you forgot to mention The Big Lebowski which is probably one of the best movies ever made.

YogiBear3411d ago (Edited 3411d ago )

You made the comment that "What movies hasn't Hollywood Eff'd up?"

I gave you my answers and for the most part they are some of the most successful films ever. Jaws is not a bad film by a long shot. Yes I have seen it numerous times and every time I watch it I realize why it works so well. Big Lebowski is a great film but not my favorite Coen Brothers film. That is definitely No Country For Old Men.

Naucious3411d ago

the only way movies from video games is going to work is by making it a CG film. Doing live action movies has its up and downs but one thing it cant do is defeat all logic based in a real world. With videogames its different it can eliminate that factor.

A good example of a video game turned movie off the top of my head would be FF:AC and thats a CG film.

not saying its not possible but the games that defy logic it would be.

Games that i think can be a great success with great acting and directing would have to be Uncharted, Metal Gear, and Assassins Creed,

If they can even do the movies like beowolf that would even be great especially for a game like GOW.

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The Meerkat3413d ago

The best way not to F*** up a game movie is to have Americans fund it and do the CGI. Have British writers and actors. For it to be filmed in UK / New Zealand. And for it to have proper games fans as editor and director.

And for Uwe Boll to be locked up in a Siberian prison camp while everything is being filmed.

Jager3412d ago

"And for Uwe Boll to be locked up in a Siberian prison camp while everything is being filmed."


shiner3412d ago (Edited 3412d ago )

Wrong! The best way to not F*** up a game movie is to not make one!!

All game movies suck in one way or another. The reasons are sometimes debatable, but one thing EVERYBODY can agree on is that the movie is NEVER as good as the game. Therefore, we as gamers should never support this Hollywood assault on our favorite entertainment medium. I have absolutely no idea why some gamers (or people who classify themselves as gamers) would support a movie based on their favorite game.

In some ways video games are kind of like the anti-movie. Games are interactive, movies are not. Nuri mentioned Bioshock and it's choices of morality in it, well where's that in a movie? There is none, you just have to go with the flow....and that sucks.

When I heard about Shadow, GoW and PoP, I honestly almosed puked.


qface643412d ago

all of those movies are gonna suck balls on the big screen

i can tell you right now all of those movies will just be related to the game by the name alone everything else will be 100% hollywood crap

TheCagyDies3412d ago (Edited 3412d ago )

I believe that all video game to movie adaptations should be either CGI or anime...
Like Tales of Vesperia: The First Strike or Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children...

KilZoneGeneralStrife3412d ago

*sigh* . . .now thats. .gonna suck BIGTIME!

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