Assassin's Creed 2: The End Of La Dolce Vita

OXCGN looks at Ezio and the whole mistique surrounding the Templars and Assassins:

"Ahhh La Dolce Vita…You're a rich Italian son of a banker, a carefree nobleman with a special visual talent, spending your days cavorting with friends and seducing hot girls, enjoying the "sweet life".

For you "the family" is everything and the source of your pride (well… the pride that doesn't come from your own high opinion of yourself anyway).

But then destiny suddenly intervenes and your distant ancestry calls....

There are a number of mysteries that an enthusiastic Assassin's Creed gamer may ponder..."

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XboxOZ3603389d ago

This is one game that has a huge future, and as Ubisoft hinted, don't expect it to stop at number 3. If we follow the tale of these factions, they go on for centuries, and will no doubt take us into the future when the time arises.

I'm personally looking forward to the next iteration, and we'll (OXCGN) be having some hands-on time next week at Ubisoft's Australian offices.

Godem3389d ago

Looking forward to the hands on impressions! Can't wait for AC2!

mmm ODST, Bioshock 2, Conviction, AC2 and more.. ungh expensive end to 2009 i think!

gaminoz3389d ago

Yeah Godem....why must the biggies all be all at once at the end of the year!

Last year was a killer; and so will this one be (especially if you own more than one console!!)

allegionary3389d ago

Yeah i'm going to be poor and only choose a few games and wait for the others to go down in price. One i'll get right away is Assassin's Creed 2 though!

gaminoz3389d ago

I sure don't know where they are going with Abstergo and its search for whatever and the Assassins' involvement, but the game and time period is really sounding great.

I hope they all do link well together backstory-wise.

Godem3389d ago

yeah, and I hope Desmond's story is much more exciting!

gaminoz3389d ago

lol...don't you like walking around like a robot and lying down on the machine like a good boy?

allegionary3389d ago (Edited 3389d ago )

So are they after the holy grail, the spear of destiny, the ark of the covenant...I wonder what the whole modern part of Assassin's is all about with Desmond.

inbfour3389d ago

Translates to The Sweet Life. Cool.

Baba19063389d ago

i just hope the gameplay is much better than the 1 one. i did enjoy it but it got way to repetitive and it could have done much more.

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