Need For Speed: SHIFT – Honda S2000 Preview

EA has released another car preview, this time showing off the Honda S2000 and also giving a bit of background info on the vehicle. They have also included 3 images of the car.

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Uncle Rico3413d ago

All of them look awesome

RonyDean3413d ago

This game is looking amazing!

ShinMaster3413d ago

No it doesn't look amazing.
It looks nice yes. But amazing?

I can tell they're not really going for the realistic look. But it still looks cool.

Uncle Rico3413d ago

Those are prrtty much what the game looks like. Most of the screens were in game untouched captured screens.

HarukoHex3413d ago

I can't Wait to play this game, I'm so happy they went back to track racing like Pro-Street the Open city stuff was getting old.

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The story is too old to be commented.