Electronic Arts Details Need For Speed: Shift's Drift Mode

GCO: "Today, Electronic Arts detailed the Drift mode for its upcoming title, Need For Speed: Shift, in which players are required to toggle the brakes while constantly adjusting the steering to maintain drifts through the corner – exactly like the drifters in real life."

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jBat173388d ago

so is flopza still the definitive racer?

TheColbertinator3387d ago

Wow it sounds better than I expected.Maybe Forza 3 and GT5 should watch out for Need for Speed SHIFT

HarukoHex3387d ago

The game looks great, its like GRID but with a massive face lift. XD can't wait to add this game to my collection.

Lord_Ranos3387d ago

maybe this is the direct competitor of flopza lol. I mean the cars have four wheels and its on 2 dvds yeah flopza FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Lord_Ranos3387d ago

Nah dont like to drift its hard and there have always been a drift mode on almost every need for speed game.