Left 4 Dead 2 – 'Swamp Fever' Screenshot

GamersDigest writes;

"Valve today released a screenshot of 'Swamp Fever', the second of the five campaigns shipping with L4D2 this fall.

In addition to the new campaign, Valve is also planning to unveil a few more of the 20-plus new items coming this November when the title launches worldwide on the Xbox 360 and PC."

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Sonyslave33385d ago

Damn L4d sold 2milliom with no hype i wonder how much L4d 2 going to sale with the hype it getting.

xtkxCracktheSkye3385d ago (Edited 3385d ago )

Damn, I wonder when you're going to be able to speak proper English, with the lack of education your receiving.

enjoi1873385d ago (Edited 3385d ago )

huh... that's funny I didn't know that he was speaking...

watch your self man you'll make your self look like a fool

i wasn't trying to upset you..which apparently i did.... you just make your self look lower for judging someone my friend...

you don't know whats he's up to.... maybe he only has one hand or a couple of fingers and made a mistake or two ...maybe hes showing your mother a good time with one hand and using one hand to type.

lol a bubble wont do me any good lol

TheIneffableBob3385d ago

The number they released in March was 2.5 million, but only at retail. With Steam sales, total sales would probably be 3-3.5 million. It's probably past 4 million by now.

Arnon3385d ago

Says the moron who doesn't realize this site consists of people that did not learn English as their first language.

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The Matrix3385d ago

IDK, I'm not feeling the swampyness as much as the creepy northern woodland of the first one.

TheIneffableBob3385d ago

The dynamic weather system should be interesting.

KionicWarlord2223385d ago (Edited 3385d ago )

Seeing Zombies run in Heavy rain would look cool.

xtkxCracktheSkye3385d ago

It was painfully obvious, dumb sh1t, that I was implying that he cannot speak proper English in general. People can apply their literary abilities to the computer and on paper, idiot.

Nice literal interpretation. You, as well, are as clever as Deafphat. Smart ass.

Or maybe I didn't catch the possible sarcasm.

xtkxCracktheSkye3385d ago

I'm just so used to seeing ignorant individuals on so many articles.

Mainly, I think that Sonyslave deserves to be dissed. Look at his damn username, lol.

His mistakes appear far too frequently for them to be an accident.

I shall give a bubble to ye.

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The story is too old to be commented.