SEGA: The Conduit Off to Strong Sales Start

IGN: "Third-party giant SEGA has twice gambled on Wii's adult demographic and twice fallen short of the grand retail payoff. The first bet, House of the Dead: Overkill, was an on-rails shooter in the publisher's acclaimed zombie series. And the second, MadWorld, was a black and white brawler drenched in gore. Despite good reviews for Overkill and rave reviews for MadWorld, neither title performed very well on the sales charts, which inevitably led to wild speculation as to why that was. According to some pundits, the on-rails nature of House of the Dead ultimately did the game in, just as MadWorld's ultra-stylized monochromatic presentation proved too much for general audiences."

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kunit22c3413d ago

this is good to hear even though i could already tell by the huge amount of people online, although a big number of people are named Mr. Ford its still good.

Product3413d ago

IGN used vgchartz haha

knox3412d ago

ya but they only used it for speculation stuff, they didnt actually say that the conduit sold 160000 copies for sure
anyone who uses vgchartz seriously is kidna dumb

Product3412d ago

@ Knox
'ya but they only used it for speculation stuff"

Isn't that what people do here?

EvilTwin3411d ago

Yeah, speculation and guesswork is a big part of this place. But VGC does alright. They adjust their data all the time. As long as they're in the ballpark, no biggie (IMO).

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mshope103413d ago

the n.p.d. preview has it at 130,000 sold in just the u.s.a.!

adsaidler3413d ago

it's a shame that mature wii games = FAIL, most of the times
this and madworld could be awesome if released on 360/PS3/PC

phantomexe3413d ago (Edited 3413d ago )

I seen somewhere it was just over 200,000 in week 1.

Microsoft Xbox 3603413d ago (Edited 3413d ago )

I also seen somewhere that Gandhi came back alive.

phantomexe3412d ago

Good for gandni there but the fact is still there.There is a core base for the conduit on the wii just like we have been saying there was.

SinnedNogara3412d ago

You didn't read the title didn't you??

You really want ANOTHER shooter on PS3/360???

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Menchi3413d ago

I suppose Little King Story will be ignored for this rubbish by Wii owners then.

Makes me feel a little bit sick.

phantomexe3413d ago

yea menchi i will be passing on the super hardcore game little king story > > its just to hardcore for me.

qface643413d ago

ill be getting little kings story looks great because IT IS GREAT :D

N4g_null3412d ago

Little King Story is going to be good but I like action better. If LKS wasn't like a sim maybe more like the snes zelda I would buy it.

Hey if any thing is going to take away from it it may be demon blade or some other RPG that is coming. There are 50 million gamers on the Wii not 20 million so I don't think we have reached the saturation point yet.

mastiffchild3412d ago

menchi you make no sense. People having a different taste to yours just shouldn't make you feel ill. Blame people for not promoting LKS like they have The Conduit if you must but don't blame people for wanting a FPS(a far more popular genre of game to start with)with decent online for the controls that were seemingly made for it-esp after people have waited so long for one as well.

LKS looks really good, but it isn't gonns be to everyones tastes, rpgs don't sell like FPS and if Ninty refuse to put dmos up for niche third party titles they will always struggle-but at least LKS haas bween featured on the Nintendo cannel(IIRC)and has more people talking about it than great looking stuff like Muramasa or the "Tales" prequel.

Conduit gamers just aren't the exact same dempgraphic as those likely to be into LKS or FFCC are they? There's overlap but how many people will be saying "well, if I get The Conduit that's my jrpg needs satisfied"? ERm , none. Why would a shooter ever effect the sales of a game in another genre-providing, of course the govts of each nation are passing a one Wii game per quarter law I somehow missed seeing!

And from what my US mates tell me the online is far from being a poor effort.

EvilTwin3411d ago

Mastiff is right. RPG and FPS fans are very different demographics.

I don't see how anyone could begrudge the success of Conduit. Sega has been trying to break a core game this year, and they may have pulled it off. Plus, this game is THE standard for Wii online and FPS control. If you're gonna make a Wii FPS now, you better have your crap together. Those are big pluses, in my book.

HVS kinda looks like they went for a meat and potatoes game. Their next release ought to be a five-course meal. Again, that's good for core gamers.

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Shnazzyone3411d ago

I am interested to see where it is placing on the NPD either this or last month. Conduit has been doing very well and it's a good thing. Mostly because I want to see more Multiplayer games for wii like this. Wii deserves more adult titles and I swear i'm going to keep buying them. I'm not one of those tools who say that wii has no hardcore titles then ignores every title that has that kind of appeal. You want hardcore titles on the console then support them.