Guitar Hero Smash Hits World Record: Through the Fire and Flames

Jim Reilly at IGN Writes:

Think you've mastered Through the Fire and the Flames by Dragonforce? Well think again! IGN recently took a trip down to Dallas to witness some Guitar Hero history, and we brought our video crew to prove it.

Both Danny Johnson (guitar) and Calin Scoggins (drums) took center stage at Maximedia Studios and broke four world records. They performed:

* Mercyful Fate - Guitar
* Mercyful Fate - Drums
* Mercyful Fate - Co-op
* Through The Fire and the Flames Co-op

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xabmol3479d ago

We're not worthy!

We're not worthy!

dericb113479d ago

Great play but I figured they would get 100%. Neither did. Can't wait till a group is able to do that.