Gaming Industry Walking Down the Wrong Path?

Today Nick McCandless from talks about how he feels the gaming industry is walking down the wrong path.

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dizlaoboi9163479d ago

this was great, very informative, but it needs that guy that hosts the generation x show at

Mini Mario3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

How come he didnt mention any shovelware that came out for the ps2 or ps1>>?

I mean even kung fu panda sold well on the 360. Blaming the wii (mainly) for shovelware is absurb. Because i recall many crappy games on the ps2 when i owned one, i remember shoveling thru crap before i got to the gold. Barbie, horsez, doz, catz, bratz, shrek party, DOA beach volleyball?? eyetoy, singatar, buzz, DDR (games using your body) ?? The matrix, hannah montanah, space jam, tarzan (movie tie in crap)...plenty of these..all on sonys machines...yet no1 mentions that!

Mario kart is an awesome game. Thats why it sold 17 million. It colourful and fun. U dont have to use motion controls with every game. With mario kart and SSBB u have FOUR different options...u can use classic, wii remote and nunchuk, gamecube, or steering wheel (remote by it self on the side).

Just coz motion controls are their doesnt mean they are the only control method for games that come out on the wii. Did u do your research?

WEL3478d ago (Edited 3478d ago )

Because the PS2 and PSX had a huge library of great games, both consoles have one of the biggest libraries ever while the Wii only has few great games but a huge library of shovelware.

Every time I see somebody saying: "but the PS2 and PSX had a lot of shovelware too!", well above is your response. The ratio between great games and shovelware on the Wii is just crazy.

Gr813478d ago

That's the lamest excuse I've ever read. The real answer is simple fanboy "double standard"

As Mini Mario explained shovelware was around heavily during the the PS1/2 eras and easily outnumbered the good games. Thing is the only games people remember are the good games on the PS2. But the haters on Wii want to ignore the good games and focus on the crap.

SNES, probably the greatest library ever had tons of shovelware, it comes with the territory of being the market leader. But most people will talk about A Link to the Past, or Super Metroid, or Chrono Trigger, not Jeapordy and wheel of fortune.

Once people (and companies) get over their obsession of "hardcore and casual" The better off we'll all be. There is no such thing as a hardcore or casual game. The only thing hardcore or casual is how an individual plays the games; In other words they are adjectives.

Nick2120043479d ago

Be sure to leave a comment with your thoughts :)

TheExecutive3479d ago

Sony and MS are trying to buy into motion controls as a way into the wii market. Think 2 years down the road.

With MS's introduction of the Natal camera it appears that new hardware (the xbox 3) is now being pushed to around 2012-13. The first thing out of my mouth when I saw the Natal is: the 360 is going to be around as the sole MS console for 8 years? Sony's wand is the same deal. As the console gets cheaper they are both going to go after the wii in full force. Within the next 2-3 years I expect the 360 and ps3 to be cheaper than the will, bundled with the motion controller and have a strong line-up for games with the wands/Natals.

However, and the is the big difference, they are both ACCESSORIES. This very simple fact points to the possible failure of both devices. Due to MS and Sony giving the option of using these motion devices to the industry there will be a very niche market within the developer community that makes games for these devices. However, the ps3 and 360 pad are not going anyplace. Hardcore games like Gears, Uncharted, and Halo are not going anyplace anytime soon. The developers of these games may make some fun toys for the devices but their sole interest has always been in a controller pad. Take the wii as an example: they have such weak 3rd party support its pathetic. If motion controllers were the way to go they would have jumped ship on the current HD consoles a long time ago. (there are multiple factors to their indifference to the wii not the least of which is the simple fact that casual gamers dont buy games).

But anyway when you look at the facts and the wii I dont really see how motion controllers will take over the market, they will just compliment what is there. Much like digital distribution is to physical media (movies anyway).

Da One3479d ago

I doubt the hardcore would lose the fight..............then again it seems the casuals are scaring the hell out of everyone

Nick2120043479d ago

I am not too sure of that. The casual game sales are outdoing the hardcore game sales by a pretty wide margin.

Solans Scott3479d ago

As innovative as motion controls are I really don't want them to replace an actual control. I had listened to a podcast where the presenters were arguing and saying that Nintendo had left its core gamers behind in order to win over the casual market. The general consensus was that Nintendo and some publishers are still making games for the hardcore audience (Metroid M and Red Steel 2) but the general misstep made my Nintendo (or stoke of genius depending on how you look at it) was to market their console to everyone except the core gamer. I can't say that I've seen all their commercials but I can't identify with any of the people in them. You have elderly people and a bunch of kids playing the system so therefore developers are not going to make as much hardcore games because they are not going to sell well. For this generation I don't think motion controls will really catch on the Ps3 and the Xbox360 but when new iterations of these consoles arrive both Sony and Microsoft need to make sure that they know what target audience they are looking to attract. Are you looking to attract the casual crowd with an inexpensive and low tech console? Or are you trying to attract the hardcore gamer with a technologically advanced piece of hardware which is going to be expensive. I may be wrong but you can't appeal to core and casual gamers at the same time and if Microsoft and Sony take this route we will suffer for it.

TheExecutive3479d ago

From a business perspective it was a stroke of genius. Nintendo is still making fine gems and personally I am excited about wii motion +. I WANT to play wii sports resort, cursed mountain, and silent hill later this year. I also cant wait to play new super mario wii.

I consider myself a very hardcore gamer but these games are PERFECT compliments to the Mass Effects, Uncharted's, Gears, and God of War's. The people who are really complaining are the people with one system more worried about sales then games.

CryWolf3479d ago

This kid is right about somethings.

player-13478d ago

nick is the gaming god and knows all

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