Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall's Map Is Massive -- How's It Compare To Oblivion?

Patrick Klepek: "The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall, which Bethesda Softworks just released for free as part of the game's anniversary is big. Like, really big. How big? Try 62 square miles."

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Polluted3391d ago

Ooh, free? I remember messing about with Daggerfall a bit when it came out. Riding horses and such, but I never really got into the Elder Scrolls until I tried Morrowind. Since then these games probably sucked up around 500 hours of my life. Do I dare try out Daggerfall? Eep.

Jsynn73391d ago

wow. Like san andreas on horse steroids. Should be fun to travel around. Your horse will probably drop dead after awhile lol

JsonHenry3390d ago

If I remember correctly, not only do you get a horse, but you can also buy/steal a cart that gets pulled behind your as well. I used to play a thief class and i would steal everything in one town at night, then fast travel with my cart and buggy to another town and sell it all to someone else for fast cash!

Izowiuz3390d ago

Ah ... Daggerfall. If you want it to run properly you need to have DosBox, [try DBGL] otherwise there are problems with NTFS file format on your "modern" hdd's ;P Oh, and there is Hex-Hack to double your view distance. Great game, really. Shame that Oblivion is such a "modernized" game. To much of a "world level scaling" and game world feels empty and generic.

/ ,,/

Leathersoup3390d ago

Heh if you want the true Daggerfall experience see if you can find yourself a Cyrix processor based PC. :)

MagicAccent3390d ago

Oblivion - 16?
What? I thought Bethesda said that Morrowind was the bigger of the two games (in terms of land mass)?

Oh well. Gonna download it now! :D