Online gaming up 22% in US - Report

In March, the NPD Group reported that massively multiplayer online game sales outstripped their non-genre competitors in 2008. Now a new report suggests that growth of online gaming is by no means limited to the massively multiplayer segment.

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kaveti66163390d ago

The evidence presented in this article is further proof of why console makers are slowly trying to bring MMOs into the console portion of the gaming industry. As I've said twice before, Microsoft has been looking for people to help with an MMO that they're building. Not Huxley or APB or anything we have heard of so far. If MMOs are where the money is, then we already know what Microsoft is planning. It's as simple as that. I feel smarter than Pachter right now. Well, I think we all feel smarter than him.

vx3389d ago

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