One Weird Wii Control Scheme

Kotaku writes: "Imagine, if you will, a flying game called Sky Crawlers controlled by Wii remote and nunchuck. Guess the control scheme. You probably guessed wrong.

To control an airplane in a Wii game, I have held the Wii Remote like a paper airplane. I have held it like a flashlight, dipping and raising it to orient where my plane's nose is pointing.

These schemes failed me when, unsupervised by representatives in attendance at publisher XSeed's New York demo event last night, I took up Wii Remote and nunchuck and sent my World War II dogfighter into the drink.

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mau643391d ago

I just want to use a controller... thats all

Reibooi3391d ago

sounds interesting and could work well once you get used to it although i would bet alot of people would rather use a normal controller or a flight stick.

Ziriux3391d ago

Yea a flight stick is much better, feels natural and it's simply bad a**. I remember countless nights of Ace Combat 6 with the flight stick.

Wonderfulwest3391d ago

if it aint broke dont fix it, comes to mind

Reibooi3391d ago

if that's the mindset then the Wii mote itself would have never came into existence.

Ziriux3391d ago

Exaclty. The Wii needs a lot of fixing in their software department, of course Zelda, Mario, Metroid no need to be touched.

jerethdagryphon3390d ago

hopefully once this is released thell go back and do ace combat 6/7 on ps3