MMOHub: Evony Review

From the review:

"You've probably seen the ads for "Evony." They're hard to miss, with the huge elf boobs, allusions to domination, and overuse of the word 'discreet.' But once you sign up for "Evony" there's not a single elf boob, huge nor delightfully understated, to be found. In other words, do not get suckered in by "Evony" if you're on some lonely Internet quest for medieval themed digi-chicks."

cain1415455d ago

No Elf Boobs? Pass... j/k

Good review.

ThePimpOfSound5455d ago

Wait, boobs are a marketing tool? My mind is blowed.

Coyotegrey5455d ago

Would play if it had moar boobies.


If You Can Believe it? Evony Is Back; This Time on Mobile

Evony is once again back in the media spotlight with its recent Superbowl TV ad, and credit where credit is due with it's big production values and A list celebrities they crafted a very impressive and epic piece of advertising. With stars like Jeffrey Dean Morgan (The Walking Dead), Aaron Eckhart (The Dark Knight Returns), Fan Bingbing (X-Men: Days Of Future Past) bringing recognisable faces to the campaign. With the average $5 million price tag just for a 30 second ad during the Superbowl and the multi million dollar production which is planned to span a further 11 episodes throughout the year, the developers Top Games US  are certainly putting their all into "The Battle of Evony" ad campaign.

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2676d ago

Evony Gaming Data Breach Could Affect 33 Million Players

In June 2016; the Evony Gaming Company's official website was hacked resulting in the theft of data for more than 33 Million registered user accounts.

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MMO’s for Mac

You take pride in the fact that you own a Mac computer. You are part of an exclusive club. You should have a members only jacket! You should not have to search Google for an hour trying to figure out which games work on your OS. That’s why we’re here. To help you figure out what free MMO games you can play on your Mac, RIGHT NOW! MMO’s for Mac are just as exciting, just as fun as their PC counterparts. So sit back, relax and play one of these awesome free MMO’s for your Mac while you’re iChatting with your friends!

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