MMOHub: Evony Review

From the review:

"You've probably seen the ads for "Evony." They're hard to miss, with the huge elf boobs, allusions to domination, and overuse of the word 'discreet.' But once you sign up for "Evony" there's not a single elf boob, huge nor delightfully understated, to be found. In other words, do not get suckered in by "Evony" if you're on some lonely Internet quest for medieval themed digi-chicks."

cain1415077d ago

No Elf Boobs? Pass... j/k

Good review.

ThePimpOfSound5077d ago

Wait, boobs are a marketing tool? My mind is blowed.

Coyotegrey5077d ago

Would play if it had moar boobies.