Nintendo and Its Controversial New 'Help' Feature

GD: "There have been pockets of controversy and argumentative discussion over the last couple days between myself and a number of friends, family, and colleagues. Pretty much every discussion has been about the final announcement and confirmation of Nintendo's 'help' feature, and its inclusion in New Super Mario Bros. Wii."

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dktxx23412d ago

Why can't they just make it a demo mode. It shows you the correct way to do it, then you repeat it. Monkey see monkey do. Then at least you still have to play the game.

SinnedNogara3412d ago

That is what it does, at least what I read off a N4G forum post.

Urameshi3412d ago

Don't really understand why this "help" feature would bother anyone if it isn't a mandatory part of the game. I do agree with it being a positive element though. Chances are pretty good that they will amp up game difficulty if they have an in-game walkthrough that can just simply show you how to beat the game.

ChickeyCantor3412d ago

I think so too.
People who are bothered by this aren't even gonna use it.
Pretty ironic xD

Xander-RKoS3412d ago

It's "handing the game over to your game savy older brother" for those who don't have a game savy older brother. Oh no!

supersonicsaga3412d ago

My fellow older brothers, we must not let this help feature allow our younger siblings to get better than us. Us older brothers would have less purpose for life. Just make sure your little brother doesn't use the help function or you'll be sorry.

UltimateIdiot9113412d ago

Lol, there goes some brotherly bond time. I can see it now...
Older brother walks in.
OB: ...How many times did you die already?
LB: Twice.
OB: Well, if you need help you can ask me.
LB: Why? I can have the game beat it for me so I don't have to watch you.
OB: Oh....

adsaidler3412d ago

i think this is awesome! i'd prefer a in-game guide, but this can be really nice for casual or non masochist players, that after like, 20 tries, can't kill a boss, or jump from one platform to another because of weird camera angles =) really cool feature imo

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