L4D2 at Comic Con - New Campaign and Items to Be Unveiled

From Xbox Evolved:

"Valve today announced that Left 4 Dead 2 will be shown and playable during the upcoming Comic Con in San Diego, CA."

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AridSpider3439d ago

I just hope these Campaigns will be a hellavu lot longer than L4D1's. But 20 new items, not bad at all. Just hope it isnt dumb stuff like golf clubs, baseball bats, brooms etc etc. Things that dont really matter. We want guns!

Blaze9293439d ago

I'd like a flamethrower, detachable minigun, sword (rofl), trip mines and/or mines in general...what else rocket launcher, nailgun. Dunno just a hella lot more variety than L4D1 and I'm happy.

Obama3439d ago

20 new items...anyone wants to bet that at least ten of those are melee weapons?