Sports Interactive Announces Soccer MMO

Sports Interactive is developing a brand new massively multiplayer online game, Football Manager Live, set for release in Spring 2008.

Based on the award-winning Football Manager series, the game will allow players to build a completely customizable club to play online against friends and rivals.

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Rooted_Dust4203d ago

There is nothing MMO about this game. It's just an online sports sim, if you pay monthly for this game you are an idiot.

BrotherSic4203d ago

Rooted Dust, you have no idea how big Football Manager is in Europe, I think it is either the first or second fastest selling games ever in the UK.

This will be a huge seller in the UK, I for one am pretty excited.

kewlkat0074203d ago

Say it and move on. no need to call gamers idiots. Footbal Manager is big in Europe. Would you call all the Japanese people idiots too cause they play those weird tickle my fanny games?..