Advance Script Review: God of War - Clash of the Titans on Steroids and Methamphetamines

As you may already know, a film adaptation of God of War is currently in development. At least one entertainment reporter got a chance to read the script and while he notes that it's "almost slavishly" true to the game, it differs in one important respect: the ending.

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meepmoopmeep3413d ago

movie adaptions stray all the time

but anyway, hopefully these future game films
don't over do it.

RememberThe3573413d ago

All I want is it to look like BeoWulf.

stevenhiggster3413d ago

Jaffe did say that he and Cory Barlog had planned a different ending to the one that will be used in the game. Maybe the movie will be using their ending?

LordMarius3413d ago

Stupid, what did Hades do to Kratos

Polluted3413d ago

Maybe he forgot to say "god bless you" when Kratos sneezed. It's not exactly hard to get on the guys bad side.

EvilCackle3413d ago

Maybe the movie has a scene where Hades shoots Kratos' partner a day before his retirement.

RememberThe3573413d ago

***SPOILER*** (I think)

Aries had to make him kill his family to get on his bad side. That's kind of a lot. lol

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LeGenDx3413d ago

i got a black on black keyboard an i cant see the letters !

Max Power3413d ago

edit after 30mins of posting.

Ninver3413d ago

hmm i can't wait for more info on the movie.

Mr_Showtime13413d ago

Hollywood, please stop stealing scripts from other forms of media and making horrible films out of them. Come up with something innovative for a change and stop killing my favorite games.

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The story is too old to be commented.