The PS3: More than a game

Will the high price scare gamers away or will the PS3 be the salvation of Sony?
In an article written earlier today, CNN Money has rolled out more speculation regarding the fate and marketing strategies of the PlayStation 3.

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TheMART6564d ago

Like they were all the time, but through lies they overwon the Dreamcast. Producers of the Dreamcast didn't had the money to compete Sony lies.

Now they're up to the world largest firm and with al lot of money. Microsoft and the richest man on the world, Bill Gates.

Again lies lies lies. 2 x HDMI port 1080p... well urm it got 1 HDMI port and the 7900 Nvidia GPU is not powerfull enough, it could only do 24 FPS @ 1080p in 4096 colours. Enouhg for Tetris in 1080p that is...

So it will be a softwareupgraded 720p signal for sure. And all the Blu Ray stuff that only cost money and Sony try to push because of earning more on licenses. It's all not the right way.

With our broadband internet, movies, games all data will be STREAMED through internet. No fysical media anymore in a few years. So what about paying for an overpriced next Betamax player which yeah right can do some games also...

It supposses to be a gamers console, but it turns out to want to do so much that it could be a breadtoaster in the end

Joe Schmoe6564d ago

It will be used to its fullest in my home except for the 1080p thing which im working on. But bring on the Blue-Ray time to get some use out of my HDTV besides my 12 cable chanels! And I do beleive that the console will do fine even with the high cost and that Blue-Ray movies will make it in to homes Quicker than Police men at a doughnut shop

hardwood20016564d ago (Edited 6564d ago )

In my opinion sony screw themselves with that $500/$600 price tag, because they will never reach that $200 or less price tag in the future. Everybody knows that sony always sell there last 50 million consoles at that $200 or less price tag.
While Microsoft has already stated they plan on selling the Xbox 360 "Core" system for $99 in the future themselves... So now I know what analyst meant when they say this generation console war will be different, this time around.

Also sony better hope they reach that 4 million console ship to retailers mark (the one they promise at E3) by the end of December this year, because Microsoft has already said they will reach 10 million Xbox 360 sold by November of this year. If sony does not reach that number then Microsoft will sell that 10-12 million console sold mark, that analyst predicted they will reach by the end of this year.

By the way this is an awesome site now, but where is the forum? Also I gave myself a "cool" vote, so obviously that needs to be edited so that people can't do that.

achira6564d ago

i think ms will never sell 10 mil of their xbox360 this year. and when the ps3 is out, then there is competition, and they will not sell so many at all. i am convinced that sony will win regardless of the speculation of variuos people.

USMChardcharger6564d ago

you have to look at it like this:
you know Sony will have a limited amount of PS3's for the holiday season. that is a no brainer. "IF" they reach 4 million there are still more gamers than that.
so when parents or gamers go to there local gamestop to buy one of the gaming machines and the PS3 and Wii are not in stock but there are plenty of 360's. guess what, a 360 sold. they will reach 10 million.
and these people are not your "fanboys" because their minds where not made up yet.
this theory also does not include the people who do plan on getting a 360.

i think PS3 big sales will come after the holiday season. when their supply catches up with demand. and when they finally reduce the price.

calderra6562d ago

Microsoft is shooting to have sold 10mil by the time PS3 launches, not to compete with PS3 and hope to get the last part out the door. Production and shipping are on target, and unless the world changes its ways all of a sudden, 360s are flying off the shelves at a sufficient rate. It's virutally already in the books- especially with lots of fall hardware and sofware releases right before PS3 launches to get the last numbers in.

OutLaw6564d ago

Sony never will reach that 4 million console by the end of the year. Give me a break with those lies. Even the system may not make it out this year. Yesterday I have spoken with a friend who work at Gamestop and he said he gotten word from the Big Bosses to take Pre-orders as late as October. That sounds more like a shortage not a 4 million world why system sale. Also they should get off the idea of people should work over time for the PS3. If I have to work over time it will be for bills or because (since these systems are sold around the holidays) Xmas shopping thats it. Don't get me wrong I have bought every Sony product out there from tv's to stereos and the PS 1&2. But get a grip on what I need to do just to have this system. If the system sounds promising I'll buy it but if it don't well Sony PS3 welcome to the land of failure and go hang out with the 3DO & Atari Jaguar systems.