Talking Chiptunes With Dekker and Julia, the DJs Mixin' It Up At 8bit FM

A cursory glance would lead to the belief that 8bit FM is nothing more than a collection of streaming soundtracks, remixes, chiptunes, and nerdcore, but that would only be a portion of the story. 8bit FM operates in a similar fashion as a terrestrial radio station except, you know, the people behind it play good music.

For example, there are actual on-air programming blocks. 8PM-Midnight EST covers chiptunes; 2AM-5AM EST is all about epic orchestral pieces; 6PM-8PM EST is where nerdcore drops the rhymes (MC Chris in the house!). You can also request songs from the rather deep library, view the Top 20, and check out the Party Calendar to discover when your favorite lo-fi artists will be performing in your area. Intrigued, we reached out to Dekker and Julia of 8bit FM to discuss videogame music.

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