You'll never guess what game will support 1080p...

PS3fanboy reports how Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End is going to be displayed in 1080p where available. Why is this such a surprise? Because normally games based off of movies (based off of amusement park rides) hardly get any sort of beauty treatment.

They explain this by saying the game isn't that visually impressive. It looks good, but more like a 360 launch title than a second-gen 360 and semi-first-gen PS3 title. Check out the picture they used. Don't look at Jack -- look at the dude in the middle. Completely emotionless, like an N64 character.

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EZCheez4198d ago

Whoopedy Dooo!

I mean, thats cool.

I guess.

AuburnTiger4198d ago

Seriously, are you telling me that I will be able to travel with the Legendary Jack Sparrow to the Worlds End IN 1080P!!! Life does not get any better.

calderra4198d ago

Bad-looking games make easy 1080p.
How many times has it been said?

CrazzyMan4198d ago

is lame dude. =)

p.s. good, that 1080p standart is mooving to ordinary games. :)

calderra4197d ago

Did I say those were bad-looking games in my comment?
I said, when a game looks like crap, 1080p is easy.

Good-looking game + 1080p would = better-looking game, this is true.
Bad-looking game + 1080p is like having an ugly date and cleaning your glasses- all you'll do is see the ugly a little better.

Now if you wanna debate the merits of wasting system power on 1080p when the developers could just imrove the core game, that's another story. This game, for example, would be much better if the developers made it in 420p and then bothered to bring the visuals up to even that standard by actually USING all that extra power instead of just flipping on 1080p since they're under-using the system so thoroughly.

grifter0244198d ago

HEHE true.. I thought it was a 1080p projector in the Theatre.. Showing off Words end i \n high def.. now that would have been sweet.. Kinda sad .. Jack your 1080p good job.. LOLL

BIadestarX4198d ago

This game is an example that 1080p <> Good game as some people are lead to believe.

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The story is too old to be commented.