Go Shiina To Compose Songs for Tales of VS.

In a recent interview with Cocoebiz, Go Shiina, composer of the soundtrack for Tales of Legendia on the PlayStation 2, has revealed that he is not only arranging one of his songs from Tales of Legendia for Tales of VS., but will also be arranging one of Motoi Sakuraba's compositions from Tales of Destiny 2.

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mephman3440d ago

Interesting. Shame they couldn't get Sakuraba though.

ShawnCollier3440d ago

He's probably doing some of the other ones, it's just that they let Shiina do this one since he wanted to do it so badly.

It sounds like some of Sakuraba's other works might be plain ports of the originals, from the videos that have been released, as far as I can tell.

TheColbertinator3439d ago

Tales of Legendia had a terrible soundtrack.

Redempteur3439d ago

by that you mean awesome right ?

ShawnCollier3436d ago

Shiina's work was well above anything Sakuraba's done for the series (although his other works like Baten Kaitos were amazing). ;)