New Colin McRae Dirt Trailer Shows Car Damage Effects

The new rally racing game in the Colin McRae series, Dirt, has some amazing car damage effects. This is all real time and normal mapped, so it takes on a pretty realistic effect of how damage would occur.

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highps34252d ago

Definatly beats forza's damage system and its far to real to compare to Motorstorms.

Id say for realism they did a great job. Not fun when you cant just crash for fun because it ends the race; going by this video.

Looks great not like every console doesnt have plenty of car games anyhow.

Forza vs Dirt is more of a comparison. Motorstorm is a lot different then both of those games. You could compare but not really fair in anyway because they both went after different goals.

InMyOpinion4251d ago

You just can't accept the fact that Dirt has better visuals and damage models than Motorstorm. Not comparable? Motorstorm has dune buggies and off-road trucks, Dirt has dune buggies and off-road trucks. What more do you need? At least compare the off-road parts.
Forza is best pitted against Gran Turismo, even though GT hasn't got any damage models or extensive tuning features.

drunkpandas4251d ago

I agree that you can compare the off-road portions. They are different types of racing though. Motorstorm is more arcade style compared to the rally style in Dirt. That being said, I agree that I think the off-road portions looks better in Dirt than Motorstorm, which is terrific because I think Motorstorm is beautiful.

Also agree that the Forza 2 vs Gran Turismo is the proper comparison for that game.

MoonDust4251d ago

Smash each other with the trucks or cars. This game is going to be great!

drunkpandas4251d ago

This game is going to be very fun! I think the Colin McRae series has always had the best driving physics in terms of rally racing. Still haven't decided if I want this for PS3 or 360

nice_cuppa4251d ago

as the ps3 version has been delayed !

tony4251d ago

really nice!!!! i love to damage cars.

power of Green 4251d ago (Edited 4251d ago )

Whats the difference in comparing GT vs Forza and Dirt vs MotorStorm? if i was to go off of your logic.

Below: What if i was to say i do not consider GT a Sim but an advanced Arcade racers one the level of PGR.

Anyways GT never boasted realalistic Physics or being an offroad visual masterpiece The only GT i'v seen on PS3 is a suped up hollow PS2 game.

Dirt vs MotorStorm remains lol...

Kyur4ThePain4251d ago

GT=sim, Forza=sim
Dirt=sim, MS=not sim.

techie4251d ago

and yet GTHD remains to be one of the most visually impressive racing games this gen. Don't think so? Go watch some vids...go read some things said by devs. It looks incredible.

DiRT looks superb.

InMyOpinion4251d ago

You might want to call GT a sim, but it sure as h£ll doesn't play like one. The cars feel weightless and have the turning radius of a tractor. Even PGR is more sim than GT.

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The story is too old to be commented.