iCasual: Harbor Master | The Portable Gamer

Today on The Portable Gamer's iCasual podcast series, Michelle reviews Imangi's Harbor Master, an entry into the iPhone's latest genre du jour, the ship path management sim. New iCasual reviews are available every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, on The Portable Gamer.

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roblef3385d ago

This game really kicks it up a notch. Well-made, solid, fun gameplay.

bgrundman3385d ago

It looks like it could be a bit of a rip off of flight control, just using a different method for delivering packages.

bgrundman3385d ago

This game is from the Little Red Sled folks, right?

bgrundman3385d ago

When will some of these stellar iPhone games come to DS? DSiWare would be prefect for them!