GameRanger Multiplayer Service Celebrates 10 Years of Online Gaming

On Sunday July 12, GameRanger, the multiplayer matchmaking service for PC and Mac, will celebrate its 10th birthday. GameRanger would like to invite everyone to join in, bring their friends, and play online with some of their favourite games this Sunday.

GameRanger launched in 1999 providing matchmaking support for 11 Mac games, and today supports 542 PC games and 181 Mac games. At a decade and going strong, GameRanger has lasted longer than all other gaming services.

"I'm excited to reach such a milestone, and hope to see a ton of people join us online on Sunday," said Scott Kevill, president of GameRanger Technologies. "Let's set some new records and try to make the servers sweat!"

The full press release contains interesting trivia and the lifespan of other game services.

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syvergy3439d ago

This is actually quite a cool service. :)