The Ten Greatest Xbox 360 Games Of All Time

The Xbox 360 is a great gaming system. Terminal Gamer looks back over the past four years of Xbox 360 and chooses the greatest games to have ever graced Microsoft's white box.

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kalebgray923440d ago (Edited 3440d ago )

only 2 exclusives lol..... still a beast list though and bioshock was a good #1 choice but ps3 top 10 is way better

edit:and yeah i started off with that comment praising the ps3 so what

xwabbit3440d ago

From what i see.... 360 only owners havent really had any new good games to play for a while

StanLee3440d ago (Edited 3440d ago )

Any list of the XBox 360's greatest games without Halo 3 is bogus. Say what you want about Halo 3 but it's one of the best games on any console. List needed a huge "IMO" in its title.

Harry_Manback3440d ago

Just like how your comment needs a huge "IMO" in it.
See how that works?

Marcelles253440d ago

Halo is the best series ever made

Maddens Raiders3440d ago

I thought Bomberman Act Zero would've made it.


Microsoft Xbox 3603440d ago (Edited 3440d ago )

Halo 3 is the Britney Spears of video games, it should be on the list according to American media.

Silellak3440d ago

Really? So I haven't been playing Red Faction for this past month? Damn! Could've fooled me.

Sigh. You ridiculous PS3 fanboys really seem to think only exclusives exist. Guess what? I imagine more than 75% of the best games this generation are multiplatform. I don't really care if PS3 owners get to play a particular game, as long as I can enjoy the same game on a console I already own.

Poopface the 2nd3440d ago (Edited 3440d ago )

halo 3 should be somewhere on it simply because it is the most complete multiplayer game released this generation. Also no mass effect?? maybe crackdown or red faction.

no surprise to see the ps3 fanboys out in full force on this one.

Please, for the 500th time, tell me how great the ps3 is.

3440d ago
Traveler3440d ago

Those are some really great games, but honestly the title could have been "The Ten Greatest Multiplatform Games", because that is what the list was basically comprised of. I played a couple of those on the PS3 and a couple on the PC. They should have had Gears 2 and Halo 3 on the list, since those are two of the 360's true exclusives that are actually good.

Silellak3440d ago (Edited 3440d ago )

I love how an article that had nothing to do with exclusive games suddenly became entirely about exclusive games as soon as the SDF showed up.

We get it. The PS3 has some great exclusives. Can you please find something better to do with your time than trying to justify your purchase to yourselves? Because I can't think of any other reason for you people to be posting that crap here.

Poopface the 2nd3440d ago (Edited 3440d ago )

just a comparison. From just playing through just bioshock I had around 800 gamerscore.

Do you think someone who has a GS of 500 has played through 10 360 games to make a list? How can you make a top 10 list when youve only played 10 games. And its clear taht he hasnt even played through 1 360 game, let alone 10.

This is like me making a list of the 10 best Ps3 games when I have only 5 trophies(even worse every 360 game has achievements to get, so 500 is insanely low for someone who supposedly played all these 10 games) Clearly he hasnt finished these games on 360, I wonder If hes even played 10 games on 360. Cause with a Gs of 500 he mustve stopped playing each of the 10 games pretty quickly to keep such a low GS.

I understand if you want to subjectively believe this guy, but if your an objective gamer your not going to take someone with a gs of 500 seriously. Why? Because in order to make a top 10 list you need to actually play games on the system. With a 500 gs, this guy most likely didnt even complete one of these games. let alone 10 or more.

Even playing 10 games for 20 mins each, youll probably get around 500 gs, maybe even more.

xwabbit3440d ago

Silellak y so defensive ? something i said hurt u ? and im CLEARLY a fan boy i mean look at my comment history... NOT, nt tho.

3439d ago
Silellak3439d ago

Which games, currently released, am I missing out on by not owning a PS3?

Uncharted: Looks fun. Not worth $400.
Valkyria Chronicles: Looks fun. Not worth $400.
Ratchet and Clank: Looks fun. Not worth $400.
Little Big Planet: Entertaining, but I found it was really overhyped after playing for a couple of hours.
MGS4: I stopped caring about the series after MGS2.
Killzone 2: I don't like playing FPS games with the Dual Shock controller.

Don't get me wrong - this is all OPINION. I'm not saying the PS3 ISN'T worth owning. It certainly is, especially if you don't have a 360 for the multiplatform games. And it's not like I haven't debated buying a PS3, but every time I reach for my wallet, I can't quite justify it yet. Does it really bother you people so much that someone who could easily afford a PS3 CHOOSES not to because they get enough entertainment out of their 360 for the time being?

Saying they aren't games coming out for the 360 worth playing is a flat-out lie. Are there less exclusives? Of course. Does that suddenly make multi-platform games worth less? Of course not.

I'm sure I'll get a PS3 for God of War 3, if not sooner. And by then, many of the more impressive exclusive games should've dropped in price, so all the better.

otherZinc3439d ago

Its Hilarious, the way sites try & get attention. The idiots at Terminal Gamer do know from this, no one will take them seriously, right.

The intentional omission of Halo 3 is obvious & has flammable written all over it, but their credibility is completely out the window.

Heres to knowing your ridiculously retarded site, it has no merit, good buy Terminal Gamer, nice try though.

robbo9183439d ago

Unless you bought the cheap arcade version (which is stupid IMO) or didn't get all the stuff that comes with all PS3s, then I would stop talking about the PS3 being so expensive. It has been proven when you add all the features that come by default with the PS3 the X360 is not so "cheap" in comparison (not to mention the blu ray player we get).

I am not saying the X360 isn't worth it, if a person wants it then it is to them, but stop with the "overpriced" crap like the idiot who wrote this blog of an article. Add up all the things you bought extra with your X360 or admit the one you own doesn't have the features the PS3 comes standard with.

TerminalGamer3439d ago

Since you took it upon yourself to not only tackle my gamerscore on the comments here at N4G but also at my site - I wanted to address your comment personally.

My gamerscore is 500 for a reason. My hard drive crashed a month ago, and living at college previous to this year, and in Vermont, I did not have Xbox Live. So, I couldn't recover my gamertag and lost all my gaming history.

Honestly, do you think I would make this list of the ten best games I've played on the 360 if I hadn't actually played them? For instance, I left Mass Effect off the list (even though I full well know it's considered one of the best games for the 360) because I haven't finished it yet. I don't want to include a game I have yet to finish on my list.

So, I did play through all these games and I've played through many more. My low gamerscore is because I just finally got my own internet (I was stealing my neighbors for a while and didn't have the wifi card for the 360) and finally have a gamertag online. Since I started with my new gamertag all I've played is the Orange Box, a bit of Halo 3 multiplayer, bad company, and left4dead.

So you'll have to excuse my low gamerscore, but please, just think - would I really write this list if I hadn't played (and beat) these games and others to compare them against?

Sorry for the long message - but I wanted to clarify why I have low gamerscore and explain that I do have the credentials to actually talk about the top games I've played on the 360.

raztad3439d ago

I love how 360 fans like Silly are quick to deem as "not worthy" games never played by them. LOL @ "looks fun" but not worthy.

On topic:

This list is author's opinion as every other top ten list, so it should be respected like that. Many multiplats in it, and very few exclusives (real reason to choose a console over another).

Silellak3439d ago

Dear lord, you say anything remotely negative and the SDF shows up with Standard Fanboy Responses to things that aren't even up for discussion.

I wasn't comparing console prices. I was saying I don't believe a few great looking games aren't worth $400 if I already had a 360. What, am I supposed to buy the console AND the games in order to find out if they're worth it?! I have to make value judgments based on what I know. I'd love to try out those games, but the two PS3 owners I know don't have them.

I got a 360 before a PS3 because of the well-known 1080i issue when the PS3 came out - I had an older HDTV that couldn't do 720p, so the PS3 would've downscaled the image to 480p. This was unacceptable for an HD console, so I went with the 360 which would upscale to 1080i. If this wasn't the case, I might very well have ended up with a PS3. However, now owning a 360, I don't YET see the value in being a PS3 owner. As more games are released, I'm sure that will change. How is that not a reasonable stance to take?

I know this is N4G, but seriously, are you people that offended by any comments about the PS3 that aren't 100% positive in tone?

robbo9183439d ago

I think it is just how you are coming across. You call people SDF if they don't agree with you. I could care less if you own an X360, one of my best friends works for MS and we pick on each other all the time about the Sony vs MS thing, doesn't mean I like him any less for playing the X360.

For example, "However, now owning a 360, I don't YET see the value in being a PS3 owner. As more games are released, I'm sure that will change." You don't see the value in being a PS3 it because you don't like any of their exclusives? If so that is your call just like I could care less about Halo (not saying it is a bad game but I personally don't like it when I have played it at my friends).

The things is what you wrote sounds like you are implying the age old fallacies of the extreme X360 followers: PS3 doesn't have many games and that PS3 is too expensive in comparison to the X360. The PS3 has tons of games, trust me. Yes the X360 has more games but it also has a year's head start to have more games. The price thing I pointed out earlier is a joke also. If you put everything on the X360 that is standard on the PS3 the price difference vanishes. NOW before anyone jumps on that, I agree that some people may view some features on the PS3 as trivial or not important, and to them obviously the X360 is a better value.

All in all while you may call me the SDF you would be wrong. Yes I support Sony. I have never had a problem with any of their products. I owned the same PS2 and never had to replace it. I have had a Sony tv in my home for over 15 years with zero problems. I personally don't like MS and their approach to business (from a personal standpoint). This doesn't mean I want MS to burn to the ground. I like them in the market because I would never want a single console/company market, it would be horrid. I even would like a couple of MS titles to jump over <gasp>, like Mass Effect and even Alan Wake (IF it lives up to they hype). I don't like playing a ton of games on PC except things like Civ, Diablo, and a few others.

This is just me and my view, as you are entitled to yours. The thing is don't post on N4G unless you can handle people who don't see the world the same as you. Oh and don't post on N4G unless you can handle the disagree ghosts or extreme radical X360 and PS3 fans (of which there are plenty of each). Have a good weekend all.

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Myst3440d ago

Kind of surprised, I thought I would have come in here and saw Halo 3 at the top, to be honest that's a shocker. Anyway I'd still have to give Bioshock a try as much as I've been putting it off, I need to at least rent it one of these days.

Poopface the 2nd3440d ago (Edited 3440d ago )

but it doesnt really have enough staying power to be #1. I am a HUGE fan of FPS, especially really good single player FPS, but often times these games dont have the staying power of games with a good multiplayer too.

So far, bioshock is one of my favorite FPS single player Ive played on 360, but after beating it on the hardest mode(loading my last game everytime I died) and seeing both endings theres not much left to do. I will play through it again tho soon.
If you like SP FPS, youll probably love bioshock.

after you figure out how to kill big daddy easy it become really easy. (hint - use the trip wires)

table3440d ago (Edited 3440d ago )

Bioshock is one of the best FPS to date and deservedly at number 1 on this list. Make sure you get round to playing it. It will make you spit on halo3 quite frankly.

Very surprised ghost recon made that list.

edit @ nuri: you have similar taste to me, but I thought Halo CE and Resistance FOM were great and I'm not a massive FPS fan. Seriously try bioshock though, it feels like an RPG in FPS view. Best shooter this gen. Killzone2 and Halo3 are just straight up shooters with not much thought put into it and are only really good for MP.

Myst3440d ago

There is only one small problem though, I dislike FPS. I mean I've played a few: Halo (only the first) , Resistance, Killzone 2, GoldenEye, and Perfect Dark. Of which I only liked Perfect Dark and GoldenEye. Only reason I would get/rent Bioshock is for the philosophy to be quite honest, I heard it was rather deep and engaging in a sense.

Though yeah for some reason I'm more of a person who likes FPS Single-plalyer wise more so than multiplayer. Though if it's local or just with friends I'd play perhaps.

Nelson M3440d ago

Did i count in "The Ten Greatest Xbox 360 Games Of All Time" List ?

Can someone please Help

vx3440d ago

they should include Facebook as a soicla game LOL! O wait PC has it to ..nvm

Poopface the 2nd3440d ago

Look at the guys gamerscore. Its 500. If he had finished one(thats right, just one) game on his list he would have a higher score than 500.

If you want to believe a list of someone who clearly didnt play through 1, let alone 10, of the games on the list, go for it. Plus to make top 10 games list you need to play more than 10 games.

Silver accounts are free, so if he had played these games we would know.

The guy is blogging out his azz, and has not even finished 1 360 game.

AngryTypingGuy3439d ago

Nelson, only morons such as yourself take top ten lists as fact. If someone makes a PS3 top ten and only lists two exclusives, you will see.

My personal 360 faves:

1. Oblivion
2. Gears 2
3. Fallout 3
4. Halo 3
5. Resident Evil 5
6. Rainbow Six: Vegas
7. Gears 1
8. Mass Effect
9. The Orange Box
10. GTA IV

I have yet to play Fable 2, but I think it'll go on there once I'm done. There's a host of other games that could be on this list, but these are the first ones that come to mind, and it sure as hell is better than the other list. Of course, this is my OPINION, because it's just a goofy top 10 list.

Poopface the 2nd3440d ago

you sure would love to shove it up you butt.

Traveler3440d ago

Actually the only exclusive on that list is Dead Rising. The rest can be played on the PC or PS3.