PS Blog: Killzone 2 DLC #3 - "Napalm & Cordite" (and flames and bolts)

Official Playstation Blog:
"Hello there PlayStation Blog! It's good to be back. And it's even better to be back with some exciting news for you guys. There is a new DLC pack incoming, called Napalm & Cordite. It has flames and bolts will fulfill the wishes of many of our weirdest fans. There will be more info on that next week, for now let's focus on the patch."

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fadeawayjae3385d ago

The weapons are probably scattered in certain places for anybody to get

himdeel3385d ago

...nice additions and tweaks. I still really enjoy the online and get sucked in every time.

The_Darkest_Red3385d ago

Guerilla is so good at supporting their game. This patch sounds pretty good but I will have to get the rest of my air support ribbons before it hits! haha

Jmlopezbr3385d ago

or they could just be added on to the weapon choice menu

I just hated when they stopped the immortality for a few seconds when you spawn...

iHEARTboobs3385d ago

The boltgun is awesome! I hope I can nail people to the walls with it!

Hellsvacancy3385d ago (Edited 3385d ago )

Kinda pissed me off a little when i read that - but ah-well guess its not true looks like ill b buyin more Dlc 4 it (im not a great lover of Dlc but i cant resist when it cums 2 Killzone 2)

Edit. I saw it on N4g 2day it was on the front page i swear 2 ya - ill try find it

Edit 2. its be updated since the last time i read it

ZombieNinjaPanda3385d ago


No more DLC?

Explain please.

WildArmed3385d ago

i believe they said no planned DLC.
Basically nothing they were ready to announce at that moment

ZombieNinjaPanda3385d ago


That's just SCEE just trying to do some damage control. The Map pack was leaked, so they were trying to unleak so Seb could announce.

Too bad they failed.

Lifendz3385d ago

and Guerilla is quickly becomming one of my fav devs as it seems like they're committed to supporting the game and listening to the community.

I really hope the game gets a second advertising push this holiday season. It really deserves to do mega mega numbers.

Traveler3385d ago

I absolutely love this game. Soon after getting it everything just clicked for me and now it is my favorite online shooter. And the wonderful support Guerrilla is giving their game just makes me love it more.

Dark General3385d ago

I was ready to blow this update off when I first read it because hardly anyone plays on the map packs. THEN I read flamethrowers and bolt guns. THEN I read they are retweaking the air bots. Good job GG.

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ZombieNinjaPanda3385d ago

Great news!

But's gonna cost money for the DLC.

So basically I'm guessing the only free things we're gonna be getting are the patches.

Still good that they're supporting their game. I have the other 2 map packs already, may pick up the third. Not sure yet.

The Flamethrower and Bolt Gun sound like a gimmick to get the new pack. And the maps seem to have the same drab color design again :(

Oh well.

rob60213385d ago

I definitely agree that the new maps aren't up to par with the old ones are far as graphics are concerned, though they still look alright. It's like they had a different team working on them, or they had less time to polish them up.

zoneofenders3385d ago

i think the second map pack was really good. the beach is one of the best looking mutilplay map of all time.

not so much about the first map pack though...

phosphor1123385d ago

One thats cheaper than 18 dollars (maybe even 12 or 15) and I'll get it. Otherwise I still refuse to pay that much for maps. It's one hell of a game, but as a college student, I'm not made of money.

deshon093385d ago (Edited 3385d ago )

the bolt gun and flame thrower yes finally
still freaking sweet ps thank you for the Correction:

ok the lighting gun is called the arc gun my bad

ZombieNinjaPanda3385d ago


Bolt Gun And Flamethrower.

Bolt gun shoots out the projectiles that stick people to the wall.

It's not the lighting gun. Unless that's like..a secret weapon in the new map pack or something.

ZEEBO4LIFESTFU3385d ago (Edited 3385d ago )

honestly. Its so funny how DLC is OK for ps3tards, but when it comes to the 360 its a crime against humanity. This site, and a VAST majority of its ps3 community, have serious serious insecurity issues.

Pennywise3385d ago

Hi, Pot this is my friend Kettle.

Your post is so stupid I just had to respond. DLC can happen for any game and be a good thing. I think the problem with 360 DLC has always been MS uses DLC as a major release instead of giving its loyal herd of zombies real exclusives. Use your brain before posting, zombie.

xtkxCracktheSkye3385d ago

Actually, this game is amazing, sorry. It's one of the finest FPS' ever made in my opinion. The most polished, cinematic, deep, experience I've had on any game of the genre, despite being unoriginal on the single player campaign.

Second, it's okay for "PS3Tards" to get DLC because we've actually gotten actual games this year.

Xbox 360 has received no games as of yet. This year is looking rather dry so far for Xbox 360 owners, and there is NO denying that. Just DLC for the box.

That's why it's irritating. Why are you so ignorant?

ZOMBIEMAN13385d ago

don't ever call a 360 fanboy a zombie as a zombie i feel insulated you would bash zombies zombies are ppl 2 with feelings if you going to insulat a bot do so without calling em zombies we zombies are better than fanboys .

@ Zeebo . no PS3 owners complain when 360 gets exclusive DLC for multiplatform games like The Lost & The Damned and for a while i was pissed that Bethseda that they weren't putting Fallout 3 DLC on PS3 but i never said the DLC sucked there's a huge difference between a exclusive game getting DLC and a multiplatform game getting exclusive DLC but hey i can't expect brainless trolls looking to start flamewars to understand that

Pennywise3385d ago

Sorry Zombie!!! I take it back. He can be the bot he is.

Traveler3385d ago (Edited 3385d ago )

Killzone 2 is hands down my favorite shooter so far this generation. The fact that you have the audacity to say that it sucks despite the outstanding critical reception it has had shows what a mindless fanboy you are.

rukia_chan3385d ago (Edited 3385d ago )

your mom sucks in bed...

WildArmed3385d ago

you wonder why u have 3 bubbles..
im sorry that u cant jump 20 feet high in killzone 2 like in halo.
but stfu n play the game 4 wat it is.

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Honor_in_Armor3385d ago (Edited 3385d ago )

I thought the pack was called "Napalm and Petrusite".

The name was changed because "Petrusite" would suggest the Electricity Gun.

I didn't know what Petrusite meant until I bumped into this:

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