See what you yell in Gears of War

The game will make use of microphone support, so you can shout commands amongst your team and keep in constant contact, and the voice recognition system and real-time lip syncing promise to keep the communication as smooth as possible, all while it actually looks like you're screaming to your team instead of just keeping a stiff face.

Sphinx6300d ago

but I truly wonder how good it'll be... I've gotten used to being very skeptical when it comes to this kind of innovative stuff... even though it has been Sony who has always let me down!

pRo loGic II6300d ago

Microsoft's setting the standard for next-gen gaming. MS may not have thousands of games but at least they keep the level of sh!t games minute.

TheMART6300d ago

Now this kicks ass.

And this sells systems. See all those gamers that see this as cool. Not a movement tilt system. No, just lip sync shouting:

"Duck you motherf*ckers I'll shoot my gun completely empty on those d*ckheads!!!"

That's cool :)

achira6300d ago

this game comes not from ms. it comes from epic you intelligent beast. although unreal 1 was very good, unreal was not so good. you cannot know if this game will be good. i think its far to overhyped. ut2007 will be far better (it supports the microphone too)

OutLaw6300d ago

I think the whole PS3 system is over hyped.

Sphinx6300d ago

Outlaw, you have a really good point... the PS3 is drastically overhyped... and Sony isn't holding back with their dirty tricks for this generation of consoles in the slightest.

THAMMER16300d ago

This game will be alot better than UR2007. Nobdy is really intersted in sequals out side of halo 3. Go get a life sucker.

RBlaze6300d ago

lol, i love the way he says 'you cannot know whether this game will be good', then says 'UT2007 will be much better', even though hes never played it, and much less UT07 stuff is goin round then GOW

TheMART6300d ago

We all know that IF GoW got mentioned to be released on the PSZero Achira/Lametime/ssj those barbie Ken clones would be the first ones to say: "Give it to me I need it... ah come on I don't have any pocketmoney left anymore I only get 10 dollars a month... Pleeeeaasseee mummy daddy pleaaasseeee... There are no other games on my BetaBluRay player then stupid Kenny motion PS2 Warhawk and Rrriiiddggeeee Racceerrrr with a backview mirror on my PSP which *ss got kicked by the Nintendo DS... Now my PSZero got it's *ss kicked by the 360 but I get their nr. 1 game..."

But reality is: YOU'LL NEVER GET IT
This is MS/360's nr. one franchise. GoW 2 will be out in a couple of years, I say beginning 2008. ANd it will sell systems. It will get Sony diehard fans to buy a 360 in a Gears of War package. You will be doing that also

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Mighty Boom6300d ago

You cant say anyhting bad about this game!!!! I cant wait for this monster to drop!!!