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darthv723385d ago

they didnt opt to use the home avatars instead of these cute and quirky characters. Then again, if they did, it wouldnt be a cute and quirky game.

My avatar just sits at "home" till there is a use for him I guess.

inbfour3385d ago

I see your point. But I'm actually pretty stoked for this game.

FamilyGuy3385d ago

There was only one new thing that i learn from that trailer about the game though.
You can squeeze the track so cars have to bully their way through.
Scratch that, there was one more thing, the seats. I didn't know the seat were customizable too.

I like cute things so that mixed with the level sharing are why im getting this when it come out.

JL3384d ago

Actually this game seems too "cartoony" for Home avatars. I think it's much much better with how they have it here. Gives much more range for character creation too. I can't wait for this game.

ReaperXL73385d ago

Honestly I just can't wait to get my hands on the game, much like LBP it just looks like so much fun.

The customization options look pretty awesome, and the track creator looks extreamly streamlined and easy. I'm just curious how deep the track maker will actually be by the games completion.

JL3384d ago

I agree. I'm getting this day one already. I can't wait for it. Looks like I'm going to be sinking LOTS of time into this game. And the track creation DOES look easy and streamlined which I really like, cause to be quite honest, LBP's level create is kind of intimidating and isn't all that easy. This one looks like I'll definitely be creating though. As for how deep the track creation is, seems to me that already it's about as deep as it needs to be. From what I've seen it seems fairly extensive or plenty extensive enough to suit my needs (not to mention, I'd almost have to bet that updates will bring other things).

GIJeff3385d ago

this is like track mania meets little big planet. this looks like millions of hours of fun. i hate this. too many good games.

JL3384d ago

I know how you feel. Way too many good games. I'm thinking though this game might even sneak into my Top 5 wanted. At least my Top 10. I REALLY can't wait for this game. Lots of fun to be had I'm sure.

I used to describe this as Mario Kart meets LBP, but upon further thinking about it I think I have to change that. Seems alot to me like Mario Kart meets LBP and has a baby who grows up influenced by uncle Crash Team Racing. Which is all fine though because I loved both Mario Kart and CTR. Would be awesome if this ended up including like a battle arena like CTR did though.

Ravage273385d ago

anyone knows if there is splitscreen like Motorstorm 2?

JL3384d ago

I'm with you man. That is one of my biggest concerns about this game. Because Mario Kart and CTR were awesome back in the day because it allowed me and my friends to sit here and play together. But nowadays it seems local multiplayer is going the way of the dodo almost. It's insane when it's a rare thing for racing games this gen to have split-screen local multiplayer. This game just HAS to have it. I mean it'll almost be unacceptable if it doesn't. I'm praying to the god I don't believe in that it does have split-screen. I think it's practically necessary here.

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