Image Preview: Resident Evil 5 and Umbrella Chronicles

Rob Wright is of the opinion that you can never have too much Resident Evil. He was a big fan of the original Resident Evil but the later sequels didn't impress me all that much. That is, until Resident Evil 4. I just finished playing the GameCube version and without a doubt, it is one of the finest console games he has ever played. So what will the new Resident Evil titles bring? Here's a look at some footage: here's the Resident Evil 5 trailer and here's some gameplay footage from the Umbrella Chronicles. And of course, here are some new screenshots for both titles.

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Gamefox4196d ago

I hope they keep re4 gameplay

Robotz Rule4196d ago

They(Capcom)need to reflect on what made Resident Evil 4 so great,and try to include and or make it better.

Havince4195d ago

without making it 2 similar the y just cannot improve on 4, if they do then they are the best deveoper in the world id say, but then id be happy if they didnt change anything from resi 4 so i guess im gonna be happy either way lol

cant wait

NewfZ4195d ago

None of those pics are new. :(

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