Ju-On: The Grudge Game Features Sissy Meter to Ridicule Players

UGO's Chris Plante writes,

"A loud, crowded dining room, cozily tucked away in the top floor of a dimly lit Japanese Brasserie is probably the worst place to demo a horror game. However, the PR folks from Xseed seemed unfazed last night, relishing the opportunity to preview Ju-On: The Grudge, a First-Person Horror Adventure adaptation of the Ju-On films.

But no matter how hard we tried to find terror in the game, best described an odd concoction of Far Cry 2, Silent Hill and Heavy Rain, the more we were distracted by the snapping of chopsticks and clink of beer bottles.

What did manage to play was Ju-On's slight humor. After failing a mission, two meters popped up with a brief, insulting message."

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