Free HDMI cable if you pre-order Oblivion

Just a little tip here ... if you pre-order Oblivion from today (well, the guys at Ubi said today but Amazon doesn't say anything about today only) then you can bag yourself a free HDMI cable at the same time.

So if you haven't already got a HDMI cable for your PS3 then why not kill two birds with one stone and get a great game at the same time?!

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PS360PCROCKS4197d ago

Um odd haha...I guess if u haven't bought a PS3 and you were going to this is a good deal otherwise it's a little strange

videogamenews4197d ago

Why is it a little strange?

benny o klaatt4196d ago

good news ps fans. grab a ps3 with this oblivion bundle, motorsport and rfom and your laughing. happy gaming peeps