Flow Creator: Game Creativity "Limited"

Having taken advantage of the openings made available by user generated content, a number of talented young developers are turning their backs on mainstream gaming in a bid to broaden the scope of the industry.

Flow co-creator Jenova Chen believes that games need to offer an emotional outlet often lacking in popular genres such as shooters and racing games.

"Right now video games are focused on releasing anger and stress...that's really limited. If you want a deeper understanding of life, you aren't going to get it from a video game."

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Covenant4290d ago

The game industry seems to have adopted Hollywood's model of sequels and spin-offs. When the best-selling game year after year is EA's latest rehash of Madden, and when there are a large number of games in development that have a number in their titles (i.e. sequels), then you know that an industry is in danger of stagnation. Games like Flow, Okami, and Katamari get the awards for creativity and originality, but none of them can approach the sales number of Madden or FFXII.

That's pretty sad.