Games Toaster: Ghostbusters Review

Let's be honest, when any film tie in is announced gamers around the world emit the same sad sigh. We all read the same tired press release announcing h ow so and so are proud to have acquired the rights to such a prestigious title only to discover a few months later that the end result is a putrid little game which appears to have been given all of 3 weeks worth of development. There is the odd exception to the rule, Wanted Weapons of Fate was an enjoyable shooter only suffering from the fact that it could be clocked in under 5 hours and the recent Wolverine game was enjoyable fun.there are a few truly fantastic games based on films and they all share one common trait. They all act as sequels or prequels. Perhaps the most famous of these being The Thing and Escape From Butcher Bat, we can finally add another title to this list. Ghostbusters is a bona fide classic.

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