Inside the Xbox 360 Elite was fortunate enough to get their hands on an Xbox 360 Elite. They've had a chance to crack it open and document some of the differences between the Elite and the original Xbox 360. Details and pictures after the jump.

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shotty4294d ago

So the CPU might be 65nm....

highps34294d ago

And still using the same horrible heatsink as well..

Going to be real funny when the Elite has the same problem as every other 360.

Motherboards layout is quite a bit different as well.

Be interesting to see if this thing holds up. Id pick it up once its under $400 to be honest its just not worth $500. Luckily you can get a ton of discounts from places...

Definately not buying a launch console. Ill wait a few months to see how the masses are doing with them. Ive had 3 x 360's and thats enough for me for awhile...

Even harder to justify a purchase when every 360 game is on PC.

shotty4294d ago

None of the RARE games are going to PC, Forza, PGR, Fable, Mass Effect, Too Human they all are only xbox 360. Im sorry you feel this way but I still have my launch xbox 360 and it runs fine, just like my launch xbox 1 thats still running (but with new controllers obviously)

ErcsYou4294d ago

interesting. i my self use hdmi to my tv and a optical cable to my stereo. will i be able to use the break out "dongle" and hdmi ???? i really hope so.

ITR4294d ago

A more reliable 360 should sale more 360's.

PS360PCROCKS4294d ago

I love how someone disagreed with your comment about more reliable 360's selling more. You make an honest comment and someone is just an idiot. That is cool to include both cables though espescially since this is the machine basically just for 1080P and HDMI

ItsDubC4294d ago

lol ya, I think that comment hurt a fanboy's feelings by referring to the 360's past reliability issues.

Anyway, I am one of those who have waited / are waiting for a more reliable 360 hardware revision to be released before purchasing one. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

ITR4294d ago


I didn't think I would get this much of a response, but I did.

Thanks to all that agreed with me.

A more reliable 360 might actually get my money because I really want FM2 and Dirt and Revo.

Ru4294d ago

So why didnt they just relaease the damn hdmi port with launch..
was it all just to try to make more money?
Not impressed!
I have not heard anything about 65nm in the elite confirmed
the only thing ms said was ne is hdmi and 120 gb hd.

Xi4294d ago

apple make the first ipod with video support? Because the consumer had no interest for it at the time, microsoft saw that interest for hdmi increased and so they created the elite model with hdmi support.

bombzombie4294d ago

HDMI spec wasn't confirmed. For that matter, it still isn't. I hear rumblings of going beyons v.1.3. :-) Guess the hardware manufacturers won't be happy unless we're all broke.

ChickeyCantor4294d ago

it is confirmed that the elite version has 65nm processors.

NaAsAr4294d ago (Edited 4294d ago )

says that the die size hasnt changed. the location and quality of some of the caps have changed , and they even got rid of some mosfets......

Cartesian3D4294d ago

for sure it isnt 65nm... both cpy and Gpu are same in both board..

and really sorry for 9 million current user. I think MS fixed 360 .. and ring of death is just for us

I thought they dont change the board... they must change current 360 with alittle charge (about 100 bucks ) :(( Im crying!! F*** ms ...

BIadestarX4294d ago

I have a launch 360. And i am not complaining about it. Everyone knows that eartly adopter for any new electronic device runs the risk (correction... will) have problems... early adopters are beta testers. All consoles had hardware revisions in the past what make you think the 360 wouldn't be the same. You should have waited at least 2 years before buying a 360 if you were expeting a newer revision. Or maybe you should wait another 2 years... since I guarantee you that microsoft will revice the 360 again... and just in case you didnt know... Sony and Nintendo do the same.

eques judicii4294d ago

completely confused me... i don't think i have any idea what you said.

ACE4294d ago

spot on bladestar .

this dudes comment points to the fact that he is a sony fanatic who is upset over the elite .

Silver Bull3t4294d ago

You really can't just look at a chip and say they shrank the die. A die shrink does not a smaller chip (always) make. As for the Xenos GPU, well they never said anything about shrinking it yet. Fewer capacitors and their size reduction MIGHT mean a 65nm chip. All this looks to mean lower heat and lower power and less mobo warpage, which should mean fewer RRoDs due to thermal issues. Keeping fingers crossed it's the 65nm.... but not buying one anyway LOL! (launch unit still flawless).

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