Jurassic Park: Headed for PS3 Network?

In the newest Game Informer, the Loose Talk section mentioned something about seeing "a giant Jurassic Park logo on a moniter in a meeting room behind closed doors at Sony's E3 Booth." If this is any indication to what was said at E3 this year and what sony mentioned at this years GDC-06 then Downloadable movie Content, and movies, Music are all going to be availible on the PS3's Network Market place.


download jurasic park from my ps3 when i get it to my ps3, thats awesome

360theAssasinsCreed6185d ago

This is cool that they will allow movie downloads, but my only concern is will it be HD or would i have to buy the bluray movie to get my HD fix?

This is not bashing the PS3 this is a legitimate question just curious if all the movies downloaded will be in HD or regular dvd quality.

Sevir046185d ago

More than likly the movie will be in HD, as sony is touting "Full and True HD", and Since MS Gives xbox Live Users Movie Trailer Downloads in HD, it should be Taken for granted... otherwise it wouldn't make sense having that feature if ur not gonna give HD visuals on a System that Shows HD Visuals..

Schmitty076185d ago

Thats sounds sweet. But I'll hold back and see if that is true come launch

Cyclonus6185d ago

Jurrasic Park is a Universal Pictures film.

And Universal Studios supports HD-DVD all the way. So no deals with Sony

shoota336185d ago (Edited 6185d ago )

universal does not support hd dvd all the way you stupid ass WB does asswipe.

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