Eidos: No truth in Batman review score fixing claim

Eidos has stated there is no truth to claims made by British industry insider blog, RamRaider, that it has been fixing Batman: Arkham Asylum review scores.

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RainOfTerror3413d ago

Actually even if it were true, that would be the least of eidos' "cheating crimes."

Publishers often only want the good reviews to be posted early, and it's not that they are asking outlets to give it a 9 or what not, but rather, if it does get a high score, you can publish, otherwise not. It is up to the outlet itself to decide whether they want to cheat in order to get the early coverage or not.

I'm not condoning the practise, but it's been done plenty of times before by plenty of other publishers.

darthv723413d ago

Kane and Lynch all over again? I hope not as I have high hopes for this game.

Anybody else think the batman character was modeled after george clooney?

Gamer_Politics3413d ago

who will get fired their review this time?

Monk3y3413d ago

this game doesnt need paid reviews and all that, its gonna be awesome

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The story is too old to be commented.