Microsoft refuses to rule out pay-to-play for 1 Vs 100

Microsoft has refused to rule out the introduction of a pay-to-play model in the future for 1 Vs 100, the massively multiplayer online quiz game for Xbox 360 which launched in the UK today.

The game is currently free-to-play for all Xbox Live Gold subscribers for the duration of the first season, where gamers can compete in scheduled live shows and win real prizes.

"Our beta season is to see the interest in the game and the success of the game," Xbox Live marketing manager Tania Chee told, speaking in London yesterday at an event to mark the game's launch.

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badkolo3391d ago

if they start charging for this im getting rid of my 360, I dont mind paying for live, i dont mind paying for netflix but im not paying more to play a a community game that should be included in our gold price.

BE very careful MS. your threading on hot water.

creeping judas3391d ago

if they did charge, you could just not play 1 vs 100 instead of returning your xbox. You have the choice to play or not to play.

Me I like it well enough, but if cost me to play, I woudnt be bothered to pay.

IronAva3391d ago

Once that happens you can count me out.

Gamer_Politics3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

well once the price comes into action i wont be playing 1vs 100 anymore..

darthv723391d ago

I dont see MS taking this away from the gold members but more like giving the silvers a chance to play. You pay a small fee to play the game which could end up costing more in the long run. Enticing those who arent gold to become gold members.

Just a thought.