Plants vs. Zombies to Consoles and PopCap Supports the Wii

Garth Chouteau, Senior Director of PR from PopCap, talked to Kombo during their latest PodCast...

"We have multiple titles in the works for DSi, Xbox, PSN and we're starting to work on Wii games...Plants Vs. Zombies--I don't know the exact order in which that game will make its way onto other platforms, but it's certainly been successful enough, quickly enough, that we're looking at other platforms and deciding where we'll take that game next..."

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bgrundman3389d ago

I have been waiting for peggle on WiiWare. Just what I need, another device to let peggle dominate my life on.

CrAppleton3389d ago

HAHA.. I think I'll stick to the iTouch

SpoonyRedMage3389d ago

ooo DSi games! Awesome! I think they should release Peggle on DSiware. I'll buy it as a download but a retail version doesn't really appeal to me.

Dark_Overlord3389d ago

Plants Vs Zombies is an amazing game, I have it for the PC, and will gladly re purchase it if it ever comes to the PSN