Sony's PS3 Past, Present, Future - The Possibilities (Pt. 2)

So what can Sony do to turn around the outlook for the PlayStation 3? Firstly, let's look at some things Sony has traditionally done, or has maintained at current levels, that appear to have failed or need to be reduced.

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Maddens Raiders3412d ago

...and with that said, I will opine and state, that I believe the PS3 is clearly heading in the right direction and are giving the people what they want more than any other console on the market at this time; moreover, it just does more....better.

Yep - that's my opinion.

Marty83703412d ago

1. Remove the Blu-Ray drive; go “online only”
2. Remove the hard-drive; go “online only”

Ans: Both stupid ideas, internet connections arn't fast enuff or cheap enuff for everyone to have one.

3. Where necessary, replace the hard-drive with SSD

Ans: another stupid idea SSD is dearer than 2.5in hard drives, thought the idea was to save money not spend more.

ColossiSlayer3412d ago (Edited 3412d ago )

has come long way since the very arrogant days in the beginning of the PS3s life, blame it knowing that had something special on their hands. Times have changed and so has Sonys attitude. They seem to be more in tune to "gaming" than most give them credit for. Think about all the genres PS3 has exclusives for. From Valkyria Chronicles to Flower to MotorStorm to KZ2 to InFamous, something for everyone. With the PSN possibilities have opened up even more. So "gaming" wise IMO I believe PS3 has more value to offer than other consoles. I speak only in terms of the exclusive games each console offers, because I feel they make the most out of the console.
On the Hardware side of things, its been a mixed bag. BC went out for the first price cut, lost the memory flap, & 2 usb ports later on. But Sony has been reducing the cost of production on PS3s at a pretty good pace. Consumers should see the result soon especially with the goal of moving 13 Million units this year.
As far as right now as before Sonys main problem is MARKETING the capabilities of the system & its major games. But its getting better, there were quite a few KZ2 & InFamous commercials.