Trine PSN Price Revealed

Just Video Games has published a blog with prices for the UK, European and US version of Trine on the PlayStation Store. It will apparently release this July.

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jack_burt0n3440d ago

that is just unbelievable, shame its a decent game.

MJY2K3440d ago (Edited 3440d ago )

I agree. I just downloaded the PC demo and that got me really looking forward to it, but £20 is too much, perhaps £15 at most

Carl14123440d ago

Indeed. If it was, say $30, i wouldn't mind paying £20. But $20/£20 is too much of a greedy exchange rate

andron3440d ago

I was excited for this game too, but that Europe price is way over the top...

hay3440d ago

You can buy it from US PSN. I do it often when price isn't satisfactory.

Christopher3440d ago

The problem with the prices in Europe is that they pass on the costs for localization. Surprisingly, this doesn't work the other way around for games created in Europe and then published in the U.S.

I wouldn't blame the developers for the high price just for being in Europe, though I'm really wanting a demo now to see if it's worth the US$20. PixelJunk Monsters was cheaper and that games has filled up a ton of my time.

Carl14123440d ago

But...This is developed in Europe isn't it?

Christopher3440d ago

They're still passing on the cost of localization in Europe. Just because it was made in Europe, doesn't mean they don't pass on the costs to the people there. The Witcher was developed in Europe and yet had a much higher price tag there than in the U.S.

I believe it has a lot to do with the generally higher costs of localization in Europe, but you would think we would see an increase in cost in the U.S. above the typical for games that are developed outside of NA.

gambare3440d ago


looks like the one who puts the price on the content didn't bother in value the current change, he just copy paste the price and put the symbol of each coin on one side :/

FamilyGuy3440d ago

I'd think you all would have a U.S. account by now considering how often stuff like this happens. People import for the same reason and I know if i was out there i'd import the Go! rather than pay its ridiculous mark up.

Clap Your Hands3440d ago

It puzzles me how people keep getting this wrong.
Things cost more in Europe (every thing), because people in europe earn more, and because of the currency.
I mean the American dollar is so low, that everything would seem cheap compared to Europe, and everything would seem expensive when looking at europe with american eyes. Just take a look at movies for crying out loud, its much more expensive in Europe then in USA. But it all adds up in the end, cus europeans get equally more in salary.

Just look at McDonalds and their prices in Europe and USA as an eksampel. It's basic economics, and really noting new.

LorD3440d ago (Edited 3440d ago )

Clap your hands...

you have NO idea what you are talking about. Things in Europe are more expensive because the EU, and local governments go crazy instituting all sorts of insane taxes, fees, more taxes, and more fees on top of that.

Please don't talk about "basic economics" when you have no idea about beginner economics.

SevWolf3440d ago

@ family guy..I agree, I know I'm buying this on the US PS store, it is well worth the 20 $, believe me I've seen it first hand(as have a lot of you) and it has a ton of content, 20 euros is a bit much, its not that hard if any of you don't know how to pay on the american store go to and make a virtual prepaid card(with your adrees in the states) and it'll work fine, as it did with me, and don't blame the developers they didn't know how much it'll cost or when it'll come out, they said it on the forums, its a great game especially the fact that Frozenbyte is like around a 20 person dev team

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PirateThom3440d ago

Yeah, I might just have to get a $20 PSN card and buy it from the US store. No way I'm paying £20 for a downloable game that's £12/13 in the US.

snaz273440d ago

im sorry but im just never gonna soend £20 quid on a downloadable game! i got bioshock the other day for £15 lol... really i just dont know where they pull these prices from! especially as its cheaper in the us! alot cheaper too! well its their loss to be honest cos i cant see many people buying it at that price.

Keyop3440d ago

Agreed, I picked up bioshock for £8.95 new, what a game. £20 would be ok if justified, but with the comparisons, it's just overpriced if this is true.

snaz273440d ago

where did you get that from? was it amazon? i know they do some good deals on there, i could have got it cheaper off amazon but i didnt wanna wait a few days lol, so i saw it in town and picked it up, awesome game, im playing on the hardest diffeculty trying not to use the vita chambers at the mo... im not doing too bad.

Marty83703440d ago

£20 sounds fine to me.

smokeybeef3440d ago

I think I was expecting £20, but its more the annoying conversion rate from the US store.

Galvanise3440d ago

£19.99 for this. My maximum was £12.99

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