Nintendo confirms Game & Watch downloads for DSiWare

Nintendo has just opened up a new website , confirming that the company will be bringing Game & Watch downloads to DSiWare.

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SpoonyRedMage3388d ago

Awesome, is this the first steps towards a Virtual Handheld?

Anyway more games is nice.

darthv723388d ago

I think it is the start with potentially more systems to come. While I have a lynx and gamegear and neogeo is more convenient to play them on one unit.

Now maybe nintendo will opt to allow for sd card launching of games like the wii has.

Off topic...the new Asphalt 4 racer is damn fun. I can see more quality games being released like this and especially if you can dl them to the sd card and play them.

PS360WII3388d ago

ah yes and so it begins :)

knox3388d ago

now we just need gba games on there

gumgum993388d ago

holy sh*t...

*falls off chair*

...I'm ok.

*looks at headline again*


OrangeStar3388d ago

I have fond memories of playing the parachute game and watch that my dad has. In fact I own the Zelda game and watch. It's a good novelty, but the truth is video games have advanced and I have no real interest in playing it for more than a couple of minutes now.

Come on Nintendo give us some real DLC games like new Zelda or Mario.