New Forza 3 information imminent

GZ: It seems that you'll need to look out for more Forza MotorSport 3 information within the next 24 hours.

According to Turn 10's community manager Che Chou, there's going to be some new information on the Xbox 360 racing simulator later today.

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Nelson M3387d ago

For 2 Years cause they are goin to implement night races and weather effects after the Internet Exploded with Laughter after Last Nights News

spongeboob3387d ago

They are adding the weather effects and the ability to race 16 cars instead of 8 on the third disk.

Xbox Avatars Shoe3387d ago (Edited 3387d ago )

Information about the lack of features? That's the hot Forza news at the moment. In a way that's actually not very informative :/

techie3387d ago

Maybe it's all a joke and they'll reveal the game actually DOES have those features.

Uncle Rico3387d ago

at least they tell u now rather than then when you get the game to be more disappointed.

techie3387d ago

Not everyone reads N4G though.

phosphor1123387d ago

I want cake...

Your picture looks so freakin tasty >_<. Ugh..I haven't eaten anything full with sugar for like a I probably sound fat right now.

GiantEnemyCrab3387d ago (Edited 3387d ago )

-----> Open Zone is that away!

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PotNoodle3387d ago

Announcing announcements ftw!

GameOn3387d ago

Just give use the damn announcement.

JOLLY13387d ago

that was a really good read. Also those pics looked real good. I hope the people tht acomplain about the shinyness are happy, oh wait.....

dustgavin3387d ago

They are planning to announce more features they have to remove due to the 360's limitations. Sorry bots.

Gamer_Politics3387d ago

i feel sorry for ps3 owners because its been years and GT5 still has no solid release date...

ptotoy3387d ago (Edited 3387d ago )

besides, we have GT5: prologue, which looks way better than forza 3.. poor xbots, your flopza 3 is losing features by the minute LOL

there's a gaytaku post about flopza 3 online options..

They could then decide that a specific person from each team must cross the finish line to determine who wins (we'll call this person the "mouse"), the rest of the players are just there to provide interference to the other team, or protection for their own team (we'll call them "cats").

looks stupid unless it's burnout game.. yeah, this is a racing simulation, indeed LOL.. only idiot inbreds would have fun playing a racing game like this e.g. xbots

HarukoHex3387d ago

ptoty- you mean the same GT5P that has a average rating at 79% compaired to the Forza 2s 89%

I would rather have a great game with 400 cars, then a poor game that you can just run into the AI cars and slide your way into a win, heck the AI runs the same line every race in GT that is not a racing game, that is Arcade racing for children.

GT5P Average 79.91%

Forza 2 Average 89.61%

Gamer_Politics3387d ago

keep making excuses about why GT5 has no release after all these years Lols instead of giving people gameplayat E3 all the gave was some cheap trailer and also what happened to all those GT5P upgrades?i guess they forgot about those promises.....

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fossilfern3387d ago (Edited 3387d ago )

Is it they are trying to make up for this:

Forza 3 isnt going to be as good as they want it to be just like the previous two and i think forza 3 only has 400 cars at the moment, thats half of the GT PSP game which has 800 cars! So A PSP game has got more cars than a home console game ? lol its funny. Face it forza 3 will be rubbish your better off getting NFS Shift which looks better than Forza IMO

roxkis3387d ago (Edited 3387d ago )

I could a make driving sim with 10 million cars and its would be better then all of Forza and Gt put together.

More cars /= Better game.

JOLLY13387d ago

Yeah there are 800 cars, but you'd have to own a psp....yikes. That's the downfall of that game.

soxfan20053387d ago

I'd rather have 400 cars and 100 tracks than 800 cars and 35 tracks. But, if car quantity is most important to you, enjoy GT PSP.

If you think Forza is rubbish, you must think even less of GT4 and GT5P since each is rated lower than Forza.

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