Writing About Games: The Not-So-Impossible Dream

TGH writes:
"Game journalism is a job that almost everyone who picks up a controller dreams about having. Getting paid to play games? Now that's the life. But not so fast, tiger. That's the first mistake anyone hoping to get into the industry could make: assuming that all game journalism entails is sitting behind a desk for eight hours, playing games all day long, then going home. Game journalism is a lot of work. When journalists hit the E3, or TGS show floors, they are there, first and foremost, to work. Interviews, phone calls, video editing; the list goes on and on. Writing for a video game mag is no easy task, and if you think it's only about playing the games you desire, you're better off searching for Q/A tester job.

Not that that's the worst job in the world. Let's face it, game journalism is an extremely competitive industry, and writing for a smaller site may not always be the best option toward achieving your goal of getting paid to write about games. Q/A testing is an excellent option toward getting into the industry. You may not be writing for a games magazine, but the people you meet and experiences you go through will prove..."

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