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-MD-3391d ago

Talk about misleading title.

jessehaysfl3391d ago

I'm thinking like alot of game sites that they did that on purpose, which is another reason I hate game "journalism".

Real journalism done from the perspective of a game fan is great.

"Game journalism" is just what the phrase litterally states.
A game. Not serious.

themyk3391d ago

have you guys ever read a news paper. or anything for that matter. "journalist" job is to get you to read their articles. or buy the magazine or buy the paper. it's their job to hook you with the title.

TheDeadMetalhead3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

Nobody ACTUALLY expected a new LBP game to come already, did you?

-MD-3390d ago


Nobody said anything about a release date.

TheDeadMetalhead3390d ago

Even so, don't you think they would wait at least a year or two before releasing a new one? Or they could just release one LBP game per generation.

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Lucreto3391d ago

I thought they would do this but not this soon. I would expect more level packs before the Game of the year edition.

jessehaysfl3391d ago

LBP: Sigma?

It had to be said.....even though it's not relevant...

vhero3391d ago

Woot gonna be a lot cheaper picking this up than paying for all them DLC packs..

vickers5003391d ago

I hope they add a double jump feature. Sackboy/sackgirl felt too heavy and can't jump very high. I know I know, I suck or I just don't know "how to play", as you worshipers who think this game is perfect will say to me, but I still would very much have liked to not fall to my death so easily. Could also have used a little bit more balance when landing too, but that one wouldn't matter so much if the first thing could be added.

Amazing game though, and beyond my first point, I can't really think of anything that could improve the game other than a better filter/design for finding levels, sort of like a youtube layout where you can view the most played levels, search for a certain topic of level while also adding a view count to that topic search so you don't just run into some crappy level made by a 3rd grader that has to do with that topic. And no censorship would be kind of nice, being able to have levels that have to be pre approved before they get published, and if they contain adult content, then they don't get thrown away, they just go through a parental control check of some kind by checking the ps3's parental control level.

Other than those 3 things (double jump, better filters, no censorship) I couldn't think of anything that would make it better. Well maybe streaming music and/or videos in your level, but I think I'm getting ahead of myself here.

All this talk about LBP is making me want to go play it again :)

Syronicus3391d ago

It comes in the form of costumes and such. I would like to see more developer levels but love the number of awesome levels that are user created. Best example of how UCC can be used and enjoyed.

BulletToothtony3391d ago

plus Oblivion goty edition came out 6 and a half months after the original came out...

while lbp has been out 9 months out.. and i'm guessing it won't come out til next month.. which is a pretty good gap..

i think it feels sooner than than simply because lbp has gotten a lot of attention.

Either way I hope the game keeps selling.. great game..

Carl14123391d ago

Cool idea even though most of the DLC is rubbish costumes.

They should put, say, the top 20 rated user created levels on the disc aswell. Not everyone ha internetz

locos853391d ago

I expect them to release another level pack like the MGS levels with the release of this GOTY edition.

themyk3391d ago

rubbish costumes? man i love the costumes. the judge dred costume is the tits. and u gotta love the new ico and SOTC costumes just released. and theirs tons of sticker packs released. and level tools. i mean they release something all the time for this game. jeez.

blind-reaper3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

I kind of hate when they re-release games with extra content, our original 60 dollars copies become obsolete, they should release an original copy of the disc with a coupon to download all the extra content.

locos853391d ago

Too bad the Ghostbusters DLC is only costumes and stickers.

iHEARTboobs3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

@Locos85: Yeah, would have been cool to see a Ghostbusters themed level or two where you could use traps to capture fellow sackboys.

Karum3391d ago

Should have added a proton pack and gun the way they added a gun with the MGS4 pack

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ChozenWoan3391d ago

I wonder if it will be cheaper to buy the GOTY Edition or to just get the DLC that will come with it.

Major_Tom3391d ago

They've released so much stuff... My vanilla LBP ain't good enough :(.

Guitardr853391d ago

Definitely gonna have to pick this up!!!

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