Dragon Quest IX Already Being Hacked


Tomorrow in Japan, Dragon Quest IX is going on sale. But there is already at least one player who has conquered the game - by cheating.

This character is a Level 99 with max HP and MP, and it has 9999999 Experience and 9999999 G, making it way more impressive than Koichi Sugiyama's Level 97 DQIX character and he composes the Dragon Quest music and has being playing the actual title for who knows how long.

If the game is this easy to cheat, then maybe it's best that it doesn't have actual online play, no?

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YoungKingDoran3482d ago

i dont know what is more stupid...
that someone would bother to cheat and ruin the game for themselves by negating any challenge whatsoever,
or that this is NEWS

PS360WII3482d ago

ah the never ending battle to make the bestest character possible... with as little effort too -.-

G4drake3482d ago

what s the point for using cheats, they are only fun to use AFTER YOU finish the game at least two times