GTA 4: First modded cars sighted

Finally, the GTA Community developed a tool that allows players to modify ingame models of the cars in GTA 4. See some of the results on Cynamite, for example a monster truck squashing another car.

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LinuxGuru3389d ago

Wow, driving a monster truck in GTA IV would be awesome, considering the kickass physics in the game already and deformable cars.

vhero3389d ago

Not possible on consoles though and the PC version demands so much power hardly anybody would be able to take advantage of these.

Pandamobile3389d ago

All you need is a quad core. This game is 90% reliant on the performance of your CPU.

I had an Athlon X2 6400 (dual core) and the best GPU on the market at the time (GTX 280) and I'd get like 20-30 fps on medium-high settings.

My friend with a 9600 GT and a Phenom X4 9950 got like 40-50 on the same settings.

Just go buy a cheap quad core and you're good.

FamilyGuy3389d ago

I know M$ is strict on game modding or whatever but why doesn't to PS3 version allow this? Did they (R*) decide it wouldn't be fare to 360 owners who wouldn't get it even though Epic did this and M$ is a huge money maker for them? Maybe M$ paid to make the games equal beyond the excl DLC?

Why aren't we seeing more of this on the PS3? It was proven wanted when UT3 came out but no devs are really doing this now.

RockmanII73389d ago

The monster truck should become a game add on. That would be awesome :)

Foxgod3389d ago

DO this cars replace other cars ?
I want to be able to add cars to the game, without losing already existing ones, is that possible in gta4 ?

Raf1k13389d ago

not sure. previous GTA mods replaced existing vehicles.

It would be nice if Rockstar actually supplied tools to make modding easier.

I'm going to wait and see what else the mod community can produce before I go and pick up the PC version.

Rixynator3389d ago

why am I not surprise? any game that makes it to pc has a mod not to mention that you could also mod console ones too. especially for xbox 360 with the hdd migration kit you could increase your gamer points and mod a couple games.

sam22363389d ago (Edited 3389d ago )

Are there any mods for Fallout 3 on 360?

blind-reaper3389d ago

microsoft don't like mods, remember what happened with Unreal Tournament 3 (no mods in 360, while it was allowed for PS3)

Pandamobile3389d ago

I'd love it if someone got the tank from GTA 3. That was awesome and it'd be so much more awesome in GTA IV.

ape0073389d ago

that just shows you how much potential the rage engine has

gta 5 should be a dream